One person died as a result of heavy rains in southern Japan

One person was killed and one was missing as a result of heavy rains and river flooding on the southern Japanese island of Kyushu, Japanese media reported.

Flooding, mountain landslides, flooding and destruction of buildings in Fukuoka Prefecture, Oita in southern Japan were the result of continuous heavy rains.

Mountain landslide caused the collapse of the house in Fukuoka Prefecture. The house was an old man buried alive. He was later found dead.

In Saga Prefecture on Wednesday in the swollen river sank passenger car, the driver is saved, but is unconscious.

Rescue operations are conducted in the prefecture of Oita, which since yesterday has been missing man.

Eve because of heavy rains has been declared for the evacuation of 21 thousand people. In the city of Nakatsu River burst its banks, three hours the water level rose by six meters.

On Tuesday, there were reports of record rainfall in different cities of the region. In the town of Heath Oita Prefecture and the city in Fukuoka Prefecture Asakura dropped record rainfall — 110 millimeters per hour. For one day in July Heath had the half monthly rainfall. The city Nakadzu five hours on Tuesday morning dropped 250 millimeters of rain.

On Wednesday, the rains continue, forecasters warn of the danger of new landslides and river flooding.

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