Online seminar on the use of SPM NANOEDUCATOR II

School children in the sample set NANOEDUCATOR II

NT-MDT invites everyone to the third-line seminar of the series of educational seminars on scanning probe microscopy (SPM). Theme: "NANOEDUCATOR II — the use of scanning probe microscope in project work of pupils and students."

The seminar "NANOEDUCATOR II — the use of a scanning probe microscope in project work of pupils and students" you will learn about the method of SPM and its application to work with an educational and scientific complex NANOEDUCATOR II.

The seminar will be held August 14, 2012 from 11:00 to 12:00 Moscow time. Recording is done to:



Students will receive recommendations on the most effective use of the complex in the educational activities of educational institutions. Expert advice will be particularly useful to school teachers and university professors and students, and students who use in their work NANOEDUCATOR II.

A seminar will be the project manager, "Nanotechnology in Education" Alexey Tikhomirov, group of companies NT-MDT.

NT-MDT Co. invites everyone to join online seminar and ask questions about the work of teaching and research complex on the basis of SPM NANOEDYUKATOR II!

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