Open anthropogenic causes of earthquakes

Over the last decade the number of earthquakes in the United States has grown significantly. After some investigation on the matter, scientists realized that the reason is very active human intervention in the bowels of the earth, having in mind the growth of development of natural gas fields and oil.

Beginning in 2001, at a fairly large area between Montana and Alabama seismologists began to record more earthquakes. 2011 broke the figures in the 20th century as many as six times. There is a hypothesis that a mass earthquake acquired from the technology of extraction of natural resources. After drilling the well are millions of gallons of water injection fishing that could disturb the balance in a seismic region.

After the publication of this hypothesis in northeast Ontario Office for the Protection of Natural Resources was closed five natural gas fields to the end of the course study on earthquakes. Due to the increase in seismic activity in the Fayetteville Shale in Arkansas, is also limited work in injection wells.

While the study does not give the final results, but for the benefit of scientists is the fact that oil and gas production in Arkansas, Oklahoma and other states in the period from 2006 to 2010 almost doubled, and the sharp rise in the number of earthquakes began just in 2009 .


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