Open first alternate road Holiday Avenue.

The length of the new section of the Olympic highway on which opened to traffic — more than 5.5 kilometers. The track runs on four flyovers through three tunnels.

Traffic is carried out in two lanes from the river Agura towards the center of Sochi with the departure of the road "Traversing the city of Sochi" in the traffic circle outside Strawberry.

The estimated capacity of the first complex is about 2,500 vehicles per hour.

A key element of the first stage of alternate road — trestle over a length of 2 kilometers. The structure consists of prefabricated steel structures spans. After the pre-assembly on the ground overall elements have been raised on a 30-meter height with a crane and mounted on a support. It took just 47 powerful concrete supports. The biggest of them is the same height with the main attraction of the resort — observation tower on Mount Akhun. The decision to raise the road above the ground was taken in order to minimize the impact on the natural landscape and the environment.

Now the facility completed work on landscaping of the adjacent territory. Much attention is paid to compliance with "green" standards. So, to reduce the negative impact on the environment, installed soundproof acoustic screens, energy efficient lighting systems and stormwater treatment facilities.

The construction of the second and third line doubler Holiday Avenue builders plan to be completed in 2013. Of the nearly 17 miles on the highway, "the way" in the classic sense there are only 2 kilometers. The rest — this tunnel complexes 9, 11 bridges and overpasses, interchanges and 8.

The main purpose of the road, the main back-Sochi highway — the redistribution of traffic, reducing traffic congestion on the city center and the coast, ensuring the coherence between intra-urban road network. With the new highway route through the center of Sochi can be overcome in just 13-15 minutes.

Responsible Executive — Directorate for the construction and reconstruction of highways Black Sea coast of the Federal Road Agency.


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