Open information and communication portal Effective nanotechnology solutions

Now find out what has been done in Russia in the field of nanotechnology will become easier.
May 26 in Tomsk in the forum Innovus 2011 director of programs to stimulate demand RUSNANO Alexander Morozov presented information and communication portal "Effective nanotechnology solutions" —

Presentation of the project at the forum

Information and communication portal "Effective nanotechnology solutions" designed to be placed in the public domain constantly updated database of companies producing nanotechnology products, products of nanotechnology, nanotechnology, as well as additional data that contribute to the promotion of nanotechnology products to domestic and foreign markets.

Information and communication portal "Effective nanotechnology solutions" will allow potential customers innovative, including nanotechnology, products, and / or other market participants nanotechnology products to get reliable information about the manufacturers, as well as provide a mechanism for obtaining comprehensive information about the products manufactured in the Russian Federation with nanotechnology, and having the appropriate certificates of origin by providing an idea about the features of the use of this product, the mechanisms of regulation of the market for these products, the requirements for these products, as well as participants of the process (transport and logistics) chains and the use of products.

In the on-line participants in the market of innovation, including nanotechnology, products will be able to obtain reliable information about how to use the innovation, including nanotechnology products in other industries as raw material, component, components, get the opportunity to connect with companies with successful experience applying nanotechnology products form on-line requests for innovation perspective views, including nanotechnology, products potential consumers.

As part of this innovative portal for manufacturers, including nanotechnology products enjoy free access to information on the conditions of the implementation of investment projects in the manufacturing of interested members of the Russian Federation with regard to the specific product.

The undoubted novelty of this portal is the possibility of formation of any external user requests to the nanotechnology industry in the development, production or modification of existing innovative, including nanotechnology, food.

The main target audience is:
— Producers of innovation, including nanotechnology, production;
— Consumers of innovation, including nanotechnology, production;
— Experts of scientific and expert communities;
— Experts applicant companies;
— Specialists Centers development and commercialization of technologies;
— Employees of JSC "RUSNANO", primarily responsible for the stimulation of demand innovation, including nanotechnology products and the management of innovation in the field of nanotechnology.

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