Operative-information complex of power plants SK-2007

In NCC Rostovenergo tested complex IC-2007 

Operative-information complex of power plants "SK-2007" allows real-time process up to 210 thousand changes parameters in second.

The complex is set in the Network Control Center (NCC) "Rostov" and had worked here in the test mode. He established himself as a modern technical facilities for dispatching personnel. "IC-2007" provides automatic reception, control accuracy, processing, transmission and storage of telemetry and other incoming data on power system operation.

Its real-time database serves as a repository of the current cut-off and high-speed controller requests. It is placed in the server's RAM, operational and historical data are stored and processed under the control of industrial database management system (DBMS).

Dispatch board network control center is equipped with 15-Tew LED video cubes, which in the real-time information about the voltage supplied to the networks of the Rostov region. Dispatching ATS "Proton-SSS" will work with both digital and analog channels for communication. This system is compatible with all PBX units "Rostov". Reserve records of negotiations "Proton-SSS" is not less than 10 days for each channel.

This technique allows you to raise the operational control of the region to a new level in the coming autumn and winter energy system Rostov region will be under constant and reliable control.

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