OptoGaN began to produce the first original domestic LED lamps

On the Russian market is the first domestic LED group of companies "OptoGaN" that could become a full-fledged secure replacement for 60W incandescent lamp. Established on unique technologies and consisting entirely of Russian components, the lamp "Optolyuks E-27" in its characteristics to the best world standards. The new light source is significantly cheaper than their foreign counterparts, while fully complies with all the Russian norms and standards.

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"Optolyuks E-27" — the first LED lamp created from Russian components on the patented technology of "OptoGaN." LEDs are used in the lamps are produced at "OptoGaN" in St. Petersburg and meet the highest standards in the world.

Design innovations "OptoGaN" and its packaging is made with the participation of the studio Art Lebedev. Power consumption of the lamp is 11 W, which is 6 times lower than that of incandescent lamps. The service life of more than 50,000 hours, which corresponds to 6 years of continuous burning. When you use no more than 3 to 4 hours per day LED "OptoGaN" will last over 46 years. LED light sources are not affected by changes in voltage networks, the frequent switching on or off and does not affect the length of their service as opposed to incandescent and fluorescent lamps.

The first batch of lamps available in stores in Moscow and St. Petersburg in September. Manufacturer's suggested retail price of the lamp "Optolyuks E-27" is 995 rubles.

"Optolyuks E-27" — is the fruit of the work of leading scientists, embodied in light bulb technology advanced world level, as well as the creative development of a leading Russian design studio. We managed not only to create a lamp that has excellent performance, but also make it looks attractive to consumers, — Said Maxim Odnoblyudov, president of the group of companies "OptoGaN." — In addition, we are proud of the high quality "Optolyuks E-27." Vertically integrated production organization "OptoGaN" allows us to control the quality at every stage of production, from chip manufacturing to packaging the final product. "

Currently, the share of LED light sources in the Russian market is of the order of 5-6%. Experts estimate that by 2015, the proportion of light-emitting diodes in the domestic market will exceed 25%. Today, strong growth in the LED market is provided by industrial and administrative office sector, but in 2013 is expected to boom in sales in the retail sector by increasing production and reducing the cost of the most common type of lamp socket E-27.

 Photo source:nanonewsnet.ru

Specifications Lamp "Optolyuks E-27": Features "Optolyuks E-27"
Power Consumption 11 W
Color temperature Warm white
Luminous flux 720 lm
Base Type E-27
The service life of 50,000 hours
Weight: ~ 160g.

LED lamp "Optolyuks E-27" is absolutely safe for use in homes and workplaces. Unlike incandescent lamps and fluorescent lamps, it contains glass and hazardous substances such as mercury and lead. The lamp does not harm the environment and does not require special disposal.

"Optolyuks E-27" is 6 times more economical than incandescent bulbs. With the continuous illumination of lamp life 6 years in normal use about 3-4 hours per day — 46 years. LED light sources are not affected by changes in voltage networks, the frequent switching on and off and does not affect their service life.

"Optolyuks E-27" provides a smooth warm white light. This light has a positive effect on well-being, especially when used in the morning and evening hours, as at this time he meets human biological rhythms. The development of "OptoGaN" solved the problem variations of lumen output — pulse — which adversely affects human health by prolonged work under artificial lighting.

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