OptoGaN creates a basic chair in ITMO, St. Petersburg

The company "OptoGaN" entered into a strategic partnership with the St. Petersburg National Research University
Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics (ITMO), in which the leading Russian manufacturer of LEDs and a leading national research university in the field of information and optical technologies will work together to create a skilled workforce and the integration of science and production of high-tech products.

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The main activities of the partnership is the development and implementation of research and development programs, joint training, and the creation and development of small and medium-sized high-tech companies.

For the implementation of joint research and educational activities of JSC "OptoGaN" opens a basic master's department of "solid-state LED technology" in ITMO at the Faculty of Optical Information Systems and Technologies.

For effective training of highly qualified specialists in the field of solid-state lighting will be provided by the department:
— Implementation of joint research and innovation projects in the LED and lighting areas
— Internships masters and teachers of the enterprise,
— Involvement in the educational process of highly skilled workers "Optogan"
— Joint scientific and practical activities, etc.

"ITMO each year strengthens its position in the field of interaction with high-tech industries. The conclusion of a strategic partnership agreement with the company "OptoGaN" is proof of that. The joint innovation of our organizations will enhance the quality of research and development activities, to raise the level of professional competence of specialized professionals, to adopt the best practices of leading foreign partners in the field of LED technology. Thanks to modern technological equipment JSC "OptoGaN" Our students are studying in the department to create a basic master, will be able not only to see, participate in the creation of nanotechnology, in practice, to implement their knowledge, improve their skills"- Says the rector ITMO Vladimir Vasiliev.

"This is a great practice that is used all over the world. Students and faculty members should not be divorced from the realities of industrial production. We all understand that raise the economy of the country can only technological leap, it is necessary that young professionals from the student aware of the problems and needs of industries. We have been working with ITMO. It is very effective collaboration that brings tangible benefits to both parties. The agreement will only strengthen our partnerships"- Comments Maxim Odnoblyudov, General Director of "OptoGaN."

Today, JSC "OptoGaN" and ITMO already successfully implements a number of joint projects, and consist of a technological platform "Development of Russian LED technology," led "RUSNANO".

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