OptoGaN lit shop Kronstadt Naval gas turbine manufacturing plant

From July 2013 to repair and machine shop Kronstadt Naval gas turbine manufacturing plant has become much lighter: modifying outdated fixtures replaced with modern LED lights "OptoGaN."

 FSUE "Kronstadt Naval Shipyard" the largest ship repair enterprise in the North-West region of Russia, with more than 150-year history. At present, the plant implemented a targeted program to improve the efficiency of production, modernization and further development.

One of the stages of modernization was the translation of mechanical repair shop turbine production eneroeffektivnoe LED lighting. The shop was established 80 industrial lamps Optolyuks-Sky-200M production of "OptoGaN."

The main objective of the project was to raise the level of illumination, as According to the survey median lighting lighting in the shop prior to the upgrade of 129 lux, which is below the standard of SNIP. To adjust the light level to the standard based on existing models of lighting fixtures would be required to increase the number of fixtures by 1.5 times, which would inevitably lead to a substantial increase in electricity consumption.

For the purpose of energy efficiency for the main lighting was used LED light sources Sky lights-200M with an angle of divergence of the light flux 75?. During the installation of the lamp at a height of 13 meters has been achieved uniformly illuminate the entire plant with an average illuminance of 200 lux. The use of secondary optics in the luminaire allow the best use of all the light output to illuminate the work surface. Power savings as a result of the project was 34 kW.

"In addition to saving energy, the replacement of obsolete light sources to LED has significantly improved the working environment for high quality lighting jobs. We had no idea it was so positive effect on the mood of our people and their attitude to work — shares his impressions of the main gas turbine production plant mechanic Vadim S. Kharlamov. — We are confident that, in addition to economic benefits, the project will improve the productivity and quality of the repair work of our department ".

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