Orbiting weather satellite test Electro-L completed

Completed flight tests of the newest Russian weather satellite "Electro-L", the decision to bring the spacecraft into regular operation in the near future should take the state commission, the head of the space segment of the project "Electro-L" from "NGO im.Lavochkina" Vladimir Babyshkina.

"You can talk about that phase flight tests, which lasted about 6 months, formally completed. We are fully satisfied with the findings. We expect that the decision on the commissioning of the spacecraft state commission will in the near future "- quoted by RIA Novosti Babyshkina.

Weather satellite was successfully launched on January 21. As part of the National Weather grouping in geostationary orbit "Electro-L" will predict the weather in the regional and global levels, to analyze the state of waters of the seas and oceans, geophysical conditions in near-Earth space, the state of the ionosphere and the Earth's magnetic field.
The spacecraft will take pictures of the disk of the Earth in the visible and infrared ranges with a resolution of one and four kilometers.

The developer of the satellite is "NPO. Lavochkin. " Currently employed manufacturing production association of the second series of weather satellites "Electro", oktorogo launch is scheduled for 2013.

The program launches meteorological defined by the Federal Space Program for 2006-2015. In the framework provides for the development, manufacture and launch of two types of meteorological satellites — "Electro-L" and "Meteor".

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