Ornithologists have received confirmation of the existence of rare Tibetan birds

Pictures sillemskogo mountain finch — birds, evidence of which ornithologists did not get more than 80 years — has made a French photographer and naturalist in a remote region of Tibet, British broadcaster BBC BBC.

For the first time scientists have found sillemskogo mountain finch (Leucosticte sillemi) in 1929, but took him to the already known at the time mind reels — pearl. Later, in 1992, a German ornithologist Kees Rozelaar (Kees Roselaar) after detailed study of the only evidence of the existence of rare birds — two stuffed sixty years ago — has allocated sillemskogo mountain finch as a separate species.

Meanwhile, since 1929, was not received any confirmation of the existence of this species, said the Bi-bi-si.

"In June 2012, a French photographer and naturalist John Muzyka (Yann Muzika), commits a walking tour in the Chinese province of Qinghai, took a few photos of birds, finch-like pearl, but with the red, not the typical kind of dark brown head," — According to the BBC, BBC.

On his return home, as said publication, the photographer contacted ornithologists, among whom was Rozelaar, and scientists have confirmed that the photographs depicted sillemsky mountain finch.

"Fantastic! Finally evidence cillemskogo mountain finch" — said Rozelaar, whose words are Bi-bi-si.

According to the publication, photographs birds in 2012 were made in 1.5 thousand kilometers away from where it was discovered in 1929. Currently the company "East Ornithological Club" encourages bird lovers to observe and look reel in the mountains of Pakistan, China and Tibet.

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