Otkomentil? Answer!

By May 2013 the Federal Ministry of Communications and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation is prepared to provide to the attention of the Government some amendments to be made to the law "On mass media". Perhaps there will be something relating to freight, about which more can be found at http://www.orientalog.ru. Based on an order the Minister of Communications of Russia Nikolai Nikiforov, you can make the conclusion that the amendments to the law will directly relate to the media. To be precise, the media will be held responsible for the comments that have been left by readers on the official websites of the media. According to the representatives of the Ministry of Communications and Communications, the amendments proposed for consideration and adoption, directly responsible to the people who have left comments on media sites. It should be noted that the media themselves must be either delete or edit the comments, the text of which in any way contributing to the violation of the current legislation of the Russian Federation. These actions must be taken by the administration of sites during the day, after they had received an official notice from the public authority. It must be noted that non-compliance action to remove / edit comments, media outlets will also be held responsible

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