Pakistan hit by avalanche

After leaving a huge avalanche in the Pakistani military camp Gaillard, located near the Siachen Glacier, killing 135 people, among them 124 soldiers and 11 civilians. The camp is located in the part of Kashmir, which can not divide each other, Pakistan and India.

In the 20 years that operates the camp, has not happened so destructive avalanches. Descended snow hid kilometer site location nearby reservoir depth of 21-24 m Life and intelligence operations are complicated bad weather conditions and altitude of the glacier, which is located at 6.4 km above sea level (the camp is located at an altitude of 4.5 km.) Involved 150 soldiers, sniffer dogs and 5 helicopters with which to such a height were brought snow removal equipment.

Hope that anyone could survive the avalanche, is minimal, since according to the weather service, the temperature in this part of Pakistan can reach -50 ° C. Despite this, the rescue and search operation continues.

Siachen Glacier is located in the Karakoram mountain range and is 70 km in length. It is the second largest glacier, not belonging to the northern latitudes. In addition, it is the vysokoraspolozhennaya point where hostilities are conducted.


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