People and the army — are the same?

Now one of the blogs read about how in 1992, was sold to the regiment. At first, just wrote a comment, and later realized that this comment is poured into a full article.

Many soldiers and military elderly sulk at me for sharpness. But, by the nature of their activities, I have to deal with a huge number of protest groups of people coming together against the ruling regime, and at once, in fact every day obschyatsya with soldiers who absolutely assimilated to a civilian population, and all the insults poured into the web.

In Russia every day are protests, hunger strikes, already, since 2005. People earlier than the military, including voenpensy and realized that there was a failure in Russia. The enemy is inside the country. And, of course, rely on the fact that army protect them. A army silent until the reforms of Putin and Medvedev did not begin in the army itself ..

That is, monetization of benefits, administrative reform, school, health care, etc. soldiers on for myself did not feel or prefer to remain silent, generated according to the years of military discipline.

And so it happened SUDDENLY! Yes, hot summer of fire … People again with the hope looked at his army, and those neponyatkah, they did not understand that the external enemy invasion will not, and inside the country has long been a real war. But they do not want to believe it, hoping that the commander in chief and those whose orders they are willing to do long ago threw the whole army. It is really very difficult to understand. And the military needed a reboot. This restarts the government arranged for them — complete. But! Again, it is very difficult to believe that the army was sold on the vine.

And on the strength of desantura checked. Thus, vsyakif case. It turned out — priklnny those in power, and in fact — the fact desantura rally threw its own people. Yes and no desire to be aware of this and former and current vyoennosluzhaschim, as they do not hunt to the war.

And she goes and grows: information — from TV channels intoxicate people, Education — After school reform, social — by killing the weakest (medical service, bad drugs, foods with harmful additives, combined, have not undergone testing, vaccinations), financial — with a slew of agriculture, industrial companies. And of course disruptive in the rear of the enemy — the military reform removed the entire military elite.

And as though in a kind of war RF rampant looting. All they rob export outside, realize. With all this going on made a semblance of legality. Judge for yourself:

On the one hand Head 1 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation, "State power in the Russian Federation is based on the separation of legislative, executive and judicial. The legislative, executive and judicial powers are independent "(Article 10 of the Constitution). The only source of power is its multinational people. (Article 3 claim 1 of the Constitution).

But, on the other hand, in the following sections of the Constitution of the most coarse contradiction: (article 83 par. "E" in Chapter 4, Art.102 paragraph "g", Chapter 5, p. 128 Sections 1, 2, Chapter 7), and specifically: the judicial power formed by means of arbitrators purpose of the federal courts by the President of the Russian Federation, the arbitrators of the Constitutional and Supreme Courts — the Council of the Federation by the President.

Judges are appointed by the President, are independent and are not independent!
In this part of the fundamentally understand that base of constitutional order, ie The first part of the Constitution — the overriding part of the Constitution, which should be based, and which should be thrown in the upcoming. In accordance with Art. Chapter 1, Article 16 of the Constitution of 4,5,7 — illegal.
In fact, all the decisions of the courts in the Russian Federation illegitimate.
A further interesting …
In general, the whole system of government is illegal, because not complied with one of the basic principles of the organization of the legal democratic countries: the principle of separation of powers. As can be seen, our government is neither legal, nor democratic, is also contrary to the constitutional order of the Russian Federation.

And even more interesting …
In Russia, there is no judicial authority, in which we can appeal these positions! Non-existent!
But at the heart of the Constitution states: this kind of judgment is particularly multinational people of the Russian Federation (Article 3 paragraph 2 of the Constitution).

That's why at least some competent lawyer, arbitrator, the prosecutor in RF KNOWS swearing at her constitution, the president relaxed break. I hope you will remember that before the inauguration Medvedev State Duma adopted amendments to the law on the referendum that questions about the authorities can not be put to a referendum! And this is a pure totalitarian, fascist regime. And the luxurious element of the war against its own people.
Everything. Most read nothing from the government. But the soldiers of the armed forces continue to write petitions to the Kremlin. As one colonel said: There is not need to send messages, and cruise missiles …

So that's the whole point for now is that protecting power, employees of the Internal Troops and cases, in fact, are waging a war against its own people as a whole. And the activity of their work is very reminiscent Gestapo. If you do not believe me, look video and photos with Marsha nresoglasnyh, fundamental idea lies behind — 31, etc. But to allow Russian marches organized by the movement of the so-called militia of Minin and Pozharsky in which people throw their hands up as if Hitler!

Soldiers — sailors also have long priuchivayut to the idea that they are endless Reich. Again, do not believe me? Look:

The newspaper "Red Star", the article "The Lords of the deep", posted September 5, 2003. Here is her last paragraph: "The Barracks crew decorates emblem: a snow-white polar wolf, pulling the bowstring, is preparing to put the target missile-torpedo. And below the slogan: "The honor is called loyalty to mine." . "
Shoulder patches for the crew with the slogan. Not yet figured out? Let me explain: It's all just a slogan. Back in 1931 Adolf Hitler conveyed the Berlin branch of the SS Kurt Dalyuge letter of thanks, in which was the phrase: "SS-Mann, deine Ehre heißt Treue" (SS man, your honor is called loyalty!). Heinrich Himmler introduced the proposal as a slogan based on the letters SS Fuhrer, from that time on the buckles SS troops was applied to the inscription — "Meine Ehre heißt Treue!" (My honor is called loyalty). Now she "decorates" the barracks of our submariners. Needless to say, the war.

Those who currently serve, subject to Medvedev Commander in Chief. That is, troops and against his own people.

And the citizens of the Russian Federation remains the only hope for themselves.

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