Philippines beat the record for the number of disasters in 2011

According to non-governmental organizations, more than 10% of all natural disasters that occurred in 2011, occurred in the Philippines. The country was ranked first with a total of 33 natural disasters, and China is on the second place with 21 disaster. According to the Center for Studies of disasters in 2011 total of 302 natural disasters.

The report on the disaster in the Philippines for the year 2011 says that the situation has worsened in comparison with 2010. If still include disasters caused by man, as armed conflict and fires, the total number in the country in 2011 will increase to 431. As a result, last year, 1774 people were killed, more than 3 million families or 15.3 million Filipinos were affected. The country has suffered material losses amounting to about 26 billion dollars Filipino, which is 50% more than in 2010, when the number of accidents 202.

Of that, according to the executed analysis Philippines ranked third after China and India, the number of victims of natural disasters, which in 2011 amounted to about 11.7 million people. Therefore, the government aims to reduce the number of victims, despite the increase in natural disasters in the Philippines.

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