Philippines: Increasing fault earthquake

April 12. Carmen, Agusan del Norte (it is a city of the province of Carmen Agusan del Norte, near the capital of the Philippines Manila — annotated. Translator) — About 600 residents of the village are excited cracks and failures in Carmen.

In Sitio Ta-ao Barangey Royyalz, Carmen were discovered long, branching faults and newly formed hill in Highlands in Sitio Ta-ao. After the earthquake of magnitude 6.9, February 6, in Negros cracks are deeper, wider and longer.

A member of the local council in Barangee Rolando and Chairman Ricardo Claro Lauro advised residents to move. However, they agreed that, in places affected by cracks, movement somewhat difficult. They also added that most of the villagers did not accept resettlement plan. "We already have a site for the move, but resettled complained that the place is too far from the place of their income, so they decided to stay, even though

Officials also noted that the cracks are longer, wider and deeper. Group to study the phenomenon of Geosciences Bureau, the city government has measured the vertical displacement of fractures and reported that it is 1.2 meters, length 62.3 meters in February. But according to two local officials vertical offset cracks 3-week-old now is 9.6 meters and a length of 200 meters.

Translation: Anna Krasnov
Source: Mindanao Gold Star Daily News


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