Philippines: Residents fear the collapse of the mountain Argan

Representatives of the village administration will check the fault on a hill in Barangay Argan. Despite the fact that a hole has been found in the past year, people say that it has increased in size.

March 31.Residents Arga Balaasa barangay (Barangay — The smallest unit in the administrative division in the Philippines, the analog block, district, county — approx. Translator), Located in the south of the province of Cebu, can not sleep at night, when there is rain. They are afraid that will be buried underground if expanding the failure and fracture finally collapse.

"We do not sleep in the rain, we are constantly on the alert," — said Pantuhan Marciano, who lives with her family at the foot of the mountains in Balaase.

Chapter barangay Balaasa Ricardo Caminero told that there was a failure for a long time, but for the last week people have noticed that it has become wider and deeper. According to him, the failure of the depth of about 100 feet (30.48 m). But he could not say what caused his appearance and if it is not related to the earthquake on February 6.

Caminero also showed reporters a Sun Star Cebu cracks that appeared in the barangay. Cracks, some of which appeared on the slopes of the mountain, reach a length of several meters. He also noted that the occurrence of failure and fracture has been reported to the Department of Mining and Geosciences, which plans to explore the area next week. Community leader also said that he would send a request to the city administration. He said that while the evacuation of the question, however, will be placed around the failure of the warning signs.

After the earthquake of February 6 failures were found in the cities of Dumanjug, Ginatilan and Dalaguete, also located in the south of the province of Cebu.

Translation: Antoshkina Anastasia


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