Photographic drought in West Africa

International charities warn that the drought in the Sahel region of West Africa, can cause full-blown humanitarian crisis. Photo: "Doctors Without Borders"

Abubakar from the village in Niger, Kadaga Beery brought his daughter Aychu, who complained of pain in the abdomen, to the clinic organization "Doctors without Borders". There he learned that his pregnant wife Miriam (see previous picture) had a miscarriage and she is dying. Fortunately, life Mariam and Aichi out of danger.

According to employees of the organization "Doctors without Borders", in Niger, for many residents of the villages examined by a doctor is a luxury that they can not afford. Given the remoteness of health centers, lack of transportation and bad roads, many women and children come to the hospital too late. Photo: "Doctors Without Borders"

Drought affects not only people, but also pets.

Often, the village well is not enough water to meet the needs of the citizens, not to mention the animals.

In Niger, the situation is further aggravated by the influx in the last few months of refugees from neighboring Mali

Many refugees from Mali to flee the violence in the north. In Niger, they assist the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees and other charities

A number of charitable organizations has launched a campaign to raise funds to help the needy. "Everything points to the fact that if in the near future to do nothing, the drought would be disastrous. World can not afford it," — said in early March, Director of West Africa, "Oxfam" Mamadou Bitei. Photo: "Oxfam".

However, charitable organizations understand the need to create conditions under which the local people would be less dependent on humanitarian aid. This 40-year-old Bengali Thani, in which 10 children participated in the program "Oxfam" "Money for jobs." Photo: "Oxfam".

Bengali Thani and other villagers are paid for what they are doing excavation semicircles intended to arrest moisture during the next rainy season. These simple structures will help to raise the water table and reclaim the land. Photo: "Oxfam".

Source: BBC


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