Plant breeding sturgeon will be launched in April, near Krasnoyarsk

Plant breeding juvenile sturgeon, whitefish and salmonids fish will be launched in April in the town of Primorsk Balakhta Krasnoyarsk region, at full capacity the company will be released before the end of the year, told RIA Novosti on Wednesday in the company of "channels" (part of the ongoing construction of the plant GC "Maltat ").

According to the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry, recovery of valuable fish species in the central areas of the province to provide an annual production of sturgeon — in the amount of up to 7,000,000 shares of fry of whitefish — up to 15 million units, salmon and carp — up to 10 million units. Now Eniseyrybvod gosohotnadzora and service produced in the Yenisei and 1.5 million pieces of sturgeon fry.

Construction of the plant began in Primorsk last year. In April 2013, will be launched the first phase of the plant, which can grow up to 1 million pieces of sturgeon and 500 thousand pieces of whitefish fry. After reaching full production capacity at the end of the year, the company will produce up to nine million pieces of sturgeon fingerlings, 30 million pieces of whitefish species and three million pieces of salmonids.

"Before we got the state contract, under which must produce the Yenisei 250,000 sturgeon fry and 100,000 fingerlings sturgeon. Studying the technology for growing sturgeon fry, using recirculation systems (RAS), we decided to build a large-scale production," — said Director of "mainstream" Andrey Shchukin.

Investment in plant construction Shchukin not elaborate. In addition to the reproduction of valuable fish, the company intends to engage in fish farming and trade, said the director.

"In the wild sturgeon grow four — five years. Pool with RAS, which means no winter, the fish is growing at about 1.5 years. Sturgeon have a few other terms. RAS allows several times to reduce the time of growing fish to marketable condition" — said Shchukin.

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