Plastic face

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Facial plastic surgery can be performed as for the correction of congenital and acquired defects (such as cleft lip, burns, trauma), and in the human desire to change something in their appearance.

The first facelift surgery was performed at the beginning of the last century surgeon E.Hollander (Hollander) since 1901 and the surgeon E. Lexer (E.Lexer) c 1906.

Plastic surgery of the face allows you to correct the shortcomings of all sizes. Require minimal intervention, for example, small dark spots, acne scars or recent chickenpox, a slight decrease in skin tone.

With the help of simple steps you can eliminate wrinkles century, the bags under the eyes and overhanging eyebrows.

With the appearance of wrinkles, sagging skin can make the implantation of gold threads, lipofiling or lifting (lifting) of the skin.

Some people decide on a larger scale intervention: change shape of the lips, nose, ears, or modeling (deformation) Persons.

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