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Problem: The skinny leg

What to do? Set the silicone implant.

Operation. The operation is performed under general anesthesia, lasts 1-2 hours. Implant (you can choose from ready-made or make to order) is a silicone shell with silicone gel inside. It is injected into the region of the popliteal fossa and is placed between the two muscles of the lower leg.

Contraindications. Varicose veins or inflammation in the lower leg.

Possible complications. The implant can "move out" down the leg. In this case, it is removed.

The recovery period. You can go home the next day, but you can not engage in sports ever.

Problem: The curvature of the legs

What to do? Lipomodelirovanie — an increase of calf's own adipose tissue (borrowed from the abdomen or thighs).

Operation. Your own fat, processed in a special way, introduced under the leg muscle. The procedure takes 30-60 minutes. Under local anesthesia make multiple punctures in leg fat and administered via syringe.

Contraindications. Thrombophlebitis.

Possible complications. The recovery period. 2-3 hours in the clinic the patient is under medical supervision. Then, two weeks is a special bandages until the swelling will go away.

Problem: the small vessels in the legs

What to do? Laser treatment. Flebosklerozirovanie.

Operation. From the effects of laser blood cells break down, the vial is glued and becomes invisible. The procedure takes a few minutes and with close to the surface of the "asterisk" you can usually find out after 1-2 sessions. Deep asterisk difficult to remove, and sometimes they have to work longer. If the laser is not able to get them, then those hard vessels are injected through special preparation — sklerozant, and under its influence, they stick together and cease to function. For the health of it is harmless, for beauty — on the contrary, it is very useful. Flebosklerozirovaniya same procedure takes several minutes and usually requires anesthesia: anesthetic cream is applied to only the most sensitive location. A slight reddening of the skin disappears after two hours. Removed asterisk again did not appear.

Contraindications. No.

Possible complications. The recovery period is required

Problem: varicose veins

What to do? First of all — do not despair: the disease of the veins of the lower limbs occurs in 25-30% of the working population in developed countries. Second, do not hope that this "self-will," and seek medical advice.

Operation. The first thing that awaits you at the reception — diagnosis. The method of ultrasound the doctor will determine the permeability of veins and functional values of valves, which will help him to draw a conclusion about the stage of the disease. In the early stages of the treatment method used flebosklerozirovaniya (see above) is required at a later surgery. The operation is performed under general anesthesia. The gist of it is to remove varicose veins. Remove them with a special probe through a small (1-1.5 cm) incisions, and then impose intradermal sutures that subsequently become completely invisible. Recently, more and more often used combined method of treatment of varicose veins, combining surgery and flebosklerozirovanie. The main advantage in this case is: minimal traumatic, first, and beautiful cosmetic effect, and second. Typically, a hospital patient spends in one day.

Contraindications. No.

Possible complications. After surgery for a few days to wear bandages, then 1.5-2 months — therapeutic tights or stockings.

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