Plastic genitals

Plastic genitals.  Figure

Recently, plastic surgery is not limited to operations on the face and body — it also offers a wide range of interventions on the genitals, and the popularity of intimate operations is increasing year by year. This is due primarily to the fact that more people do not want to put up with their systems and dissatisfaction in the sexual sphere of life. In the modern version of an intimate surgery engaged and the decision of medical problems, and correction of the external anatomical defects.

Intimate surgery for men include:

  • extension Penile (Ligamentotomiya + ekstenderny nonsurgical method)
  • thickening Penile,
  • recovery of erectile function in impotence (revascularization, stenting)
  • arthroplasty scrotum (no eggs)
  • dermatoplasty Penile, including plastic bridles,
  • reconstruction Penile (After traumatic or surgical amputation)
  • removal of foreign bodies from the soft tissues of the penis,
  • correction of congenital deformities;

for women —

  • correction of the large and small labia,
  • hymen restoration (Hymenoplasty)
  • plastic vagina (posterior colporrhaphy)
  • correction of congenital deformities.

A special place in the intimate surgery is a genital piercing.

According to the materials of MC "Paracelsus 2001"

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