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Problem: The transverse wrinkles, pronounced chin, excess fat

What to do? Lifting the neck (usually part of the facelift — simultaneous plastic temples, cheeks and neck is called "pull-circular").

Operation. In principle, the correction of the neckline is usually included in the operation of a circular face lift. Separately, you can rejuvenate your neck too, and it's almost a jeweler's work, as in the neck close to the surface are large vessels and nerve centers. When lifting the neck incision is made only on the inner side of the ear, so that the seam can not be seen at all. If there is excess fat, liposuction surgeon first will, that is, pump out the oil with a syringe, then the skin will tighten the muscles so as not to change the hairline, and then removes the excess skin.

Contraindications. Pronounced goiter.

Possible complications. If during operation the hair roots were damaged at the nape of the hair can fall out field. However, in the weeks after surgery hair growth is restored. Also, in rare cases, there may be a keloid scars.

The recovery period. Ten days, until after the bruises on her neck. But disguised traces of surgery cravat, you can start a normal life at 4-5th day. That does not negate the active cosmetic treatment of the thin skin of the neck — you should use firming and anti-wrinkle moisturizer.

Problem: loose skin on the neck, transverse wrinkles

What to do? Erbium laser resurfacing.

Operation. In fact, laser resurfacing — the intense heat to the skin a focused light beam, which is obtained as a result of the burn — quite harmless and planned, but still burn. Therefore, grinding neck (where the skin is almost no protective fat layer) do SO2-laser. On the neck only work on devices of last generation: Medilas-E, Ultra-Fine, Derma-K. For example, in laser resurfacing Ultra-Fine generally eliminate the human factor: the computer all the parameters laid wrinkles (depth, width), and a laser beam at a measured distance of the computer treats the surface of the skin. The radiation from these devices gets to a minimum depth. Leather is well-groomed and devoid of wrinkles.

Contraindications. Severe somatic diseases.

Problem: The bands on the neck (ie, sagging longitudinal veins in the neck — it's only an age change)

What to do? Platizmoplastika.

Operation. Unhandy that will crack under the chin. But the simple plastic neck when stretched skin and muscle, the problem can not be solved — only through an incision under the chin can reach the muscles called musculus platismus and tighten it. When excess fat is liposuction and neck.

Contraindications. No.

Possible complications. Keloid scar under his chin.

The recovery period. Ten days before the disappearance of bruises.

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