Plastic surgery for men

Plastic surgery for men.  Photo from

Plastic surgery today are popular not only among women but also among men.

There are a purely male cosmetic surgery — plastic Penile. It is made for injuries, damage to the genitals, for erectile dysfunction, with a curvature Penile, congenital underdevelopment of the genitals, etc. Just like plastics do just for aesthetic reasons, and in order to cater to the partner (thickening and lengthening Penile).

Genital piercings can also be attributed to plastic surgery, because if it does amateur and non-sterile conditions, it is fraught with serious complications.

In this male cosmetic surgery is not the end. After all, in connection with the fashion for a beautiful body, the stronger sex liposuction, breast augmentation surgery, calves, tighten the skin, etc.

If you have a thought about changing your body, consult a plastic surgeon who will tell you what is the preferred method in this case.

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