Plastic surgery: the task — to ensure safety!

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Plastic surgery today have become a thing so familiar that they do come from anywhere and anyone. Sometimes this leads to dire consequences for the patient. About the security issues associated with plastic surgery, we talked to leading plastic surgeon Scandinavian Medical Center Alexander Andreyevich Markelov.

— Alexander Andreyevich, can we "predict" the risk of complications during plastic surgery?

Recovery from surgery depends on many factors: the health of the patient, the presence of his bad habits, even psychological state — as far as he is willing to follow all post-operative behavior prescribed by your doctor. Our professional goal — to try to assess these risks before the surgery.

At the first interview we listen to the wishes of the patient and assess whether it is possible at all to do what he expects, based on existing methods and physical data. I have to assume, as will occur healing, the rehabilitation period is in this patient, to assess the prudence of his decision to take the risk.

— And you can refuse the transaction if the risk is, in your opinion, is too big?

Yes, if it is reasonable. For us the main thing — the health of the patient. Sometimes we are approached by people under the influence of emotions that it seems that with the help of plastic — and only her! — They can change their lives. In such cases, we always try to postpone the operation and give the person time to think. Of course, the decision is made by the patient himself. He can turn around and go to another hospital, where he was for his money will be ready to fulfill every whim. But I usually recommend to refrain from surgery to the disappearance of certain (usually personal) problems.

— And then?

Next, we make the plan of operation. I am talking about the procedures of how things will be done for each specific transaction. Then the patient has to go we have a complete medical examination. If necessary, we will seek the advice of other professionals. For example, for blepharoplasty eye specialist consultation is required that the state is looking fundus, retina, etc. With liposuction, for example, estimated blood clotting, are identified on the endocrine system.

And in each case, the patient should elaborate on "Life history". It is necessary to remember all of their illness, including children, all the allergies, surgeries under local or general anesthesia, and they proceeded to show scars from past operations. This will help to avoid trouble during the operation, and then, in the healing process.

One of the questions — about bad habits, especially smoking. To achieve the aesthetic result is very important for a good post-operative period, and smoking does not help in the regeneration of tissues.

It also appears if the patient takes medications that act on blood clotting, hormonal contraceptives and other hormonal medications. After using them will take some time.

— So, the decision made about the operation. To her it is necessary somehow prepare?

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If during the examination of the patient did not find any abnormality is determined date. The night before the operation assigned sedatives: the patient must sleep well, be calm, without excessive nervousness. The next morning — one more conversation to assess his current mental state, as far as he's ready for a change in their lives.

— Is this also affects the result?

Of course! Imagine a woman the day after surgery for the first time look at yourself in the mirror. On the face may be swelling, bruising, stitches still fresh. Hence — the stress, and the more experience, the more slowly heal tissue.

— How can this be avoided?

Some depression (depression, mood deterioration), one way or another, almost all patients experience. However, this process can be greatly alleviated. We try to make the patient-doctor build trust. Then he will know that everything that happens to him in the clinic, designed to obtain exactly the result he wanted. If the doctor says you can not bend over after surgery because of increased pressure and can break up the seams, he realizes that the more accurately follow the specific recommendations, the better the result.

The motivations come in, for example, plastic faces are different. In adulthood, this solution is usually a deliberate, conscious, the patient knows what awaits her what to prepare. She willingly obey the doctor's orders. Young women may be under the influence of emotions. And here it is very important to explain that they are interested in the result will not be instantaneous, but it certainly will be after the disappearance of edema, bruising, which are, in fact, the body's natural response to surgical trauma.

— So, plastic surgery is better to do as an adult?

All individually. It is necessary to pay attention to the appearance of age-related changes, and the sooner, the better. They say, do not bring to a critical point. In less serious changes need less extensive surgery, the area operations more narrow. And so — and the health risk will be less, and the result will be better, and persist longer.

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