Plastic surgery

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Plastic surgery recently are no longer perceived as something out of the ordinary. They do not only women but also men (about 17% of all plastic surgery patients). Of course, the aesthetic surgery not always engaged in correcting the defects of subjective appearance — she decides to very specific problems (eg, cleft lip, cleft palate, a variety of injuries, etc.). But the last yet much less compared to those who simply want to improve their appearance or shape.

What kinds of plastic surgery:

  • plastic nose (rhinoplasty);
  • eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty);
  • plastic face (face lift, grinding, implantation of gold threads, etc.);
  • plastic neck (platizmoplastika, lifting the neck);
  • plastic surgery (mammoplasty);
  • Plastic legs (flebosklerozirovanie, lipomodelirovanie etc.);
  • plastic penis (phalloplasty);
  • removal of excess fat (liposuction), etc.

The above operations are the most common, but there are more exotic, such as genital piercing (this is also a cosmetic surgery). If you are firmly convinced that the aesthetic surgery you require, then go for it. But do not forget that any surgery has its contraindications. So first consult with a plastic surgeon.

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