Poachers killed more than 630 rhinos in South Africa only for the current year

Poachers killed at least 633 rhino in South Africa, only for the current year, according to the Associated Press, citing a recent report by the Ministry of Environment in South Africa.

Thus, hunters nosorogamiprodolzhayut rewrite your "record" in 2011 (448 rhinos). In October this godasoobschalos the death of 455 animals. According to published statistics, the majority of individuals (395 this year) are killed in the Kruger National Park in the northeast of South Africa, although the anti-poaching and illegal sales of horns government placed military forces along the border of the reserve.

On average, by poachers between 1997 and 2007 killed approximately 15 rhinos, but this number has increased dramatically due to the increase in the value of the horns Asian black market. Horn contain keratin — a hard protein that can be found in human fingernails — but the oriental medicine healing properties attributed to him, though scientists say there is no scientific evidence of this.

Barbarous extermination of rhinos in South Africa, where, according to environmentalists, home to 90% of the total population, is gaining momentum, despite the strict measures taken by the Government against poachers. In November 2012 a Thai national, was sentenced in South Africa to 40 years in prison for trafficking in horns of the animal.

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