Podolak: Belarus has a giant pyramid shadow on making money

Interview with Michael Podolak, who spoke about the possibility of cooperation with the Belarusian authorities — a fake, which appeared as a result of hacking the site "Free News Plus" — say in the newspaper. Journalist Michael Podolak was once deported by the authorities of Belarus and now lives in Kiev. In an interview with "Freedom" Mr. Podolak said that the Belarusian secret services long offered him to stop writing to the Belarusian subjects. He, however, assured that he will continue to publish scandalous materials about corruption in the highest spheres of the Belarusian authorities.

A few days ago on the site of the newspaper "Free News Plus" published an interview with Michael Podolak, who genuinely surprised many fans of this scandalous journalist. Mr. Podolak is best known for what is published on the site kompromatby.com sensational on corruption in the Belarusian authorities. At least it was there recently appeared interrogation protocol businessman Paul's Milk Inquiry Svetlana Baykova. However, in an interview reprinted many online resources Podolak talked about the possibility of cooperation with the Belarusian authorities, which caused the confusion of many members of online forums.

As soon became clear, neither the Podolak, no newspaper to the so-called interview did not have anything. In actual fact, "Free News" has been hacked by unknown. For some time the site administrator does not have access to it, and the editors could not even remove the material. This is what explains the deputy editor of the newspaper Alexander Ulitenok

Ulitenok"The fact that the" CH plus "has no relationship to the material, according to, among other, a few small things. For example, there is everywhere the word "you" written with a capital letter. Our editorial staff in interview always uses the word in lowercase. In addition, they called the author of the interview Valery Karbalevich, who never takes no interview, he leads in the newspaper its analytical column.

Obviously, this is the work of those who possess the technologies and who needs it. Who need it, and whose hands this thing — you know perfectly well. "

In an interview with "Freedom" Michael Podolak explained that its publication could most annoy those people and entities that have fabricated this interview.

The peak of "interest" to me was in the latest publications about the smuggling through the Belarusian border.

Podolak: Especially actively attempts to establish some form of communication with me began after my site kompromatby.com published material relating to the former Minister of the Interior Naumova and "admyvachnay" system of trading houses. And the peak of "interest" to me was in the recent publications about the smuggling through the Belarusian border. Here in Kiev people come out of the KGB and offer me various versions of "cooperation."

And I think that they are different technical means of recording our conversation, and then "cut" quote, they added a little contrived phrases about my "readiness" to cooperate.

Tsigankov: I understand that the main thing that you have suggested — is to refuse to write to the Belarusian subjects. You, as I understand it, did not agree. What will happen next? You are not afraid for myself?

Podolak: They know what level of communication I have here in Kiev and Moscow. They know that I have my own security company, which deals specifically with the brittle, shall we say, issues. If they want to play in these games, then let them be ready. This is not in Belarus, when he gave a baton on the head at a demonstration — and walking king.

They thought that this psevdainterviyu can discredit me. How can discredit a person who is not engaged in public policy. Every journalist has to have its own sources. When I was living in Minsk, they were trying to find out who am I to "merge" the information. And it could not install! Then they have just been deported.

Tsigankov: In any case, you can assure the public that will continue to publish documents such as minutes of questioning businessman milk and the like?

Podolak: I will continue to publish them, I just do not think it's important documents. There's much more interesting documents. And we will leave to the publication of the layer of documents that will show the real picture. Indeed, until we started from the bottom. And in fact, it is a gigantic pyramid shadow on making money. And of course, we will publish it. What is the problem?


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