Popular unrest in the Soviet Union. 1953-1985

As you know, in the "indestructible union of free republics" was created by "new historical community — Russian norotnarod." "Indestructible bloc of Communists and non-Party" is often gained 99.9% of the vote in the most Russian elections in the world, "people respected soldier and proud warrior people", "my police to Watch Over Me," and rampant "friendship of peoples" is striking. More terrible look often appearing in our time reports of ethnic clashes, riots police departments, mess "valiant warriors invincible Russian army" unauthorized performances and strikes that took place in the years to overcome the light of the "cult of personality", "voluntarism" and "stagnation" . Many, many at the moment of various publications on the topic: Articles about individual events, attempts to classify some even overlook the book (the most popular — the work of Kozlov VA "Unknown USSR. Antagonism of the people and the government, 1953-1985. "). I was with my foraging itching all tempted tempted to pull together mentions of these paranormal events in the life of Russian highly spiritual people and, eventually, the substitution. For that user to express blogodarnost iroman, for it is specifically his post I was inspired and emboldened finish the job.

This list summarizes the data from the above-mentioned publications, the fact that I managed to dig up a life-giving than their RuNet. Where he managed — put links to more detailed articles, notes, immediately — the date and place of the events and concise description of them, just to have an idea, "it was a human." Well, the chronological framework — just voluntarist way (despite the fact that such acts were condemned by the decisions of the Central Committee of the Leninist) I chose the years from 1953 to 1985-th inclusive. In other words, the "golden age of Russian civilization" (c). I tried to select the action one way or another authorized sources and evidence. If you missed something or have a fascinating link — do not hesitate to tell me
means leaving a comment. Whereupon, as it were, all, proceed to the historic stude.

1953-1960 — Russian management via the Union Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Prosecutor's Office reported on 94 conflicts by force (the cases of mass hooliganism, group clashes, riots and unrest). In the 44 episodes of the soldiers took part.


February 12 — unrest in Chardjou (Turkmen SSR) conflict fighter Tank Regiment, with the population of the town. 17 people were injured, nine were hospitalized (according to other sources, the victims were even more).
May 1 — mess soldiers at the station Volkhovstroy Kirov steel road: run-in with the locals, and looting. Attire patrols failed to restore order, called the police, who arrested several particularly brutal brawlers in response intoxicated fighters attacked the police. They opened fire on the mass, as a result of two fighters killed, 4 wounded.
May 24 — July 7 — special excitement prisoners Mining Camp (Norilsk). Variations are caused by the introduction of guns and killing "prisoners' camp guards several offices, declared in response to the strike. Sent from Moscow's special committee of the USSR Ministry of Internal Affairs adopted the requirements and went on strike to mitigate the regime, but then tightened Ministry troops began to attack the zone. Only the oppression of the uprising killed up to 150 people. It is unclear whether the loss of the middle of the troops. 2,920 activists have been isolated strikes against the organizers of the 45 new cases filed. [1]
July — unrest in Rustavi (Georgian SSR) clashes with the police intoxicated soldier, whose staff did not once beaten, crushed ATS.
July-August — the excitement of prisoners in a special River camp located near Vorkuta. Went on strike that covered 6 of 17 branches camp (total number of prisoners — about 16 thousand). Requirements on strike — the arrival of the commission from Moscow, the softening of the detention regime. At the time of the commission began a mess, eventually introducing camp guard guns 42 inmates killed, 135 wounded, 52 were badly injured. Most of them were killed.
August 4 — unrest in Kherson (Ukrainian SSR) police during the arrest child who sold corn on the market, used physical force to him, which caused outrage urban residents. About the structure of the regional department of the police gathered mass of up to 500 people heard "shouting anti-Soviet." The policeman was arrested and placed under investigation.
August 9-12 — excitement "stroybatovtsev" in Usolie-Siberian (Irkutsk region). Revenge for wounded comrade unknown, they arranged massacre in the city park, destroyed the store and the city movie theater, trying to break into the police department building. Just a mess participated 350-400. 50 local residents were injured, one killed. Arrested zateyschiki continued to misbehave and a guardhouse, set fire to it.
September — "a hooligan war" in Ludza (Latvian SSR), launched by the local vocational school students, most former orphans of Belarus. Ended "occupation" of the town children 22-23 September: robbery, assault, etc. Detained 43 orphans, 8 arrested. [1]
September 4 — mess during a game of football team "Torpedo" (Moscow) and "Dynamo" (Tbilisi). Angry judicial error (incorrectly scored goal counts), fans of pogroms stadium, tried to find and lynch the referee, but came away with nothing — to put away the players.
September 16 — The conflict between the station Khabarovsk conscripts to follow on from the Far East region. Novosibirsk and Tashkent. Mess lasted several hours, in the course of their captured cannon eventually killed 5 people, 6 seriously injured. The clashes stopped only after the intervention of the Khabarovsk garrison duty units, about 100 of their active members detained.
October — collective engagement between the tank crews and residents in the village Urechye Slutsky district of Bobruisk (Byelorussia), 1 man killed.


May-June — the largest uprising of prisoners in a special camp of the Steppe (Kengir city of Karaganda region of Kazakhstan). It contained the main western Ukrainians, Lithuanians, Latvians, Estonians, Chechens, the inhabitants of Central Asia. The guards did not once used force, destroyed and wounded several prisoners, while trying to newcomers criminals infiltrate the women's camp shot several 10-s people. Criminals have supported the political, security expelled from the territory of the camp. The rebels have put forward the requirement to mitigate the detention regime. The oppression of the uprising were killed and wounded more than 700 prisoners. [1]
August 15 — intoxicated brawl at the station Kupino Omsk steel road: drivers, who were traveling in the Altai region on the export of grain, attacked the passengers of a passing train, and then staged a mass confrontation with stabbing a local youth in the city park. Militia rendered sporotivlenie, had to use a tool, one bully killed and one wounded.
August 22-24 — the massive mess in Barnaul (Altai Territory): collisions fighter and construction workers and the nearby companies. The conflict has spilled over into the city, where the men thrashed windows rampage, undertaken a fight, as workers were caught and beaten fighter. 22 fighters were hospitalized, five of them died from the beating, a local clinic received 2 working. Clashes stopped by the police.
December 12 — in the village of Yelizavetinka (Akmola region of Akmola region of Kazakhstan) clash between the students of the School of mechanization
and special settlers (the Chechens and Ingush). On both sides attended by about 30 people.


March — the excitement mobilized in the coal industry and the construction of mine workers in Kamenka area: mass brawls, fights, disobeying police. 5 people killed, 10's were injured.
May 17 — unrest in Ekibastuz (Pavlodar region of the Kazakh SSR) beating mobilized Russian military enlistment office workers and demobilized soldiers of the Chechens. The police tried to protect the latter, but failed. As a result of beatings Chechena 3 killed, 4 injured. In the area to prevent further incidents introduced a special operative team of Ministry of Internal Affairs.
October 13 — in Yerevan (Armenian SSR), a local football match "Spartak" and the home of the District Officers (Sverdlovsk) play the game until the end, but nezaschitanny a goal when the score was 2:2 led the audience in a state of excitation of the latter. With the crowd started throwing stones, injuring linesman. After the meeting, the mass began to twist and setting fire to cars and bikes at County Stadium. Spared neither "ambulance" or patrol car. Policing in conjunction with the firemen used water cannons, but it did not help. The incident led to in a human casualties on both sides. [1]


January 9-10 — mess in the city of Novorossiysk. During the arrest, a group of hooligans began their clash with the police, formed a tremendous weight (around 1000) pelted police with stones, broke in and attacked the officers, attacked the building of the State Bank, tried to break into the post office. Killed several people, injured three policemen and two soldiers, 15 hooligans detained.
January 21 — "market riot" in Klaipeda (Lithuania). Weight of 500 people pounced on police officers, accusing them of killing a herring merchant (in fact at that epileptic fit). Pelted with bricks building reference Fri police then attacked the building underwent police-KGB.
March 5-11 — political unrest in the Georgian Soviet Socialist Republic after the Twentieth Congress of the CPSU's. Tbilisi, Blaze, Sukhumi, and Batumi. Multi-million dollar rallies and wore temper protest against the revelations of Stalin. By the slogan "Down with Khrushchev and Mikoyan!" Added the calls to "expel Russian from Georgia," "beat the Armenians!" In Tbilisi, March 8-11 mess, protesters clash with police attempt to storm the House of Communications, calls for pogroms and the Russian Armenians. During the suppression of riots killed 15 and injured 54 people (of which 7 were killed then.) [1]
July — mass rallies in Orenburg young workers (1700), who were traveling from Armenia to harvest in Kustanai region of the Kazakh SSR. Indignant at the lack of trading of the station, the workers scattered all over the town, hooligans, pestering the ladies, and fight together, and the locals.
September 4 — mess in Kiev (Ukrainian SSR) at a football game the local team "Dynamo" and "Torpedo" (Moscow). Weight, losing dissatisfied fellow countrymen, rushed on the field to beat the Muscovites. "Torpedovtsy" barricaded themselves in their own locker room, but their goalkeeper A. Denisenko did not run off the field, relying on the fact that that "Ukrainians crest not touch" — and was mercilessly beaten. Angry weight lupila shop windows, overturned cars in the streets of sourness and Red Army chaos. To appease the fans possible only by means of internal forces in full combat gear. [1]
October 28 — The massive mess in Slovyansk (Stalin region of the Ukrainian SSR). In the structure of city department police gathered mass of 500-600 people, and fevered rumors about beating a detainee intoxicated locksmith and other prisoners tried to seize police department, threw stones at him. Beaten by a number of policemen and party workers. Mess managed to finish only with the help of militia from adjacent cities.


April — mass protests and unrest in the middle of the Abkhazian population, demanding the withdrawal of the Abkhazian Autonomous Republic of the Georgian SSR.
May 14 — in Leningrad at the stadium. Kirov after a football match between the teams of "Zenith" and "Torpedo" (Moscow) mess in what was the role of more than 150 people. Caused by rough police appeal to one of the fans, the police beat. Stadium surrounded by additional forces, ruthlessly suppressed excitement. Then 16 people convicted of hooliganism. [1], [2] and [3]
June — unrest in Podolsk (Capital Region): 7000 demanded the prosecution of police officers, who scored a detainee to death the driver. Actions are skilled in the press as a "hooligan acts of intoxicated people who spread provocative rumors". The oppression suffered 15 people, 9 ringleaders convicted. [1]


July 2-3 — mass brawl in Krivoy Rog (Ukrainian SSR) between groups of young people from the local mill and the Young Communist League of the city. In skirmishes took part around 100 people, injured about 10, 9 active members detained by the police.
August 26-27 — "Russian revolt" in Stern (Chechen-Ingush Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic), caused by the criminal lawlessness Chechens (robbery, murder, hooliganism) and the inability of the authorities to protect the occupants. The funeral of the murdered Russian workers resulted in the manifestation of the role of 2-3 thousand people demanded the expulsion of Chechens from the town. Seizure of the regional committee, beaten several Chechens, fixed collision with the military and the police. Arrested more than 100 people, sentences, from years of probation to 10 years in prison. [1], [2]
— First month of the police, the Taiga (Kemerovo Region) warned the massive clash between local youth and newcomers to the role of the builders of up to 400 people on both sides. I had to make up to 60 warning shots into the air.
— at the end of the month to harvest in the area of Stalingrad Komsomolsk field on the basis of "hostile relations" came clash between visiting out of town (80 people) and the locals. 8 people were injured, two of them were seriously injured.
September 7 — mess in Riga (Latvian SSR). The policeman claimed by local residents who were "prisoners", stop drinking alcohol, for which he was attacked and on the defensive, killed the 1st of them, then disappeared into the building of the tram depot. The assembled mass, urged friends killed, broke down the door station and beaten again this policeman and his employee. After that, a special decision of the Bureau of the Central Committee of Communist Party of Latvia established a 40-kilometer zone around Riga, in what is forbidden to prescribe criminal convictions for serious crimes. [1]
October 16 — a clash between 2 groups of young people who had come to harvest, Kytmanovskiy State Farm in Altai Territory. Barak, in which the workers lived, set on fire, running out of the fire mercilessly beaten. 1 killed, 3 seriously injured.


August 1-3 — the conflict of working with the authorities in Temirtau (Karaganda region of the Kazakh SSR), which spilled over into massive mess. About 5,000 people, builders Komsomol attending the "construction of the virgin lands" were unhappy with the criteria of life, the lack of facilities and operation, a small salary. They barricaded the construction site, and then tried to storm the building of urban services. City officials have ventured to use a tool, in the end, "natural" shootings killed 11 people, injured 32, injured more than 100 fighter. 40 convicted ringleaders, several people were sentenced to the death penalty. [1]
August 22 — a group clash between Russia's young people and the Chechen-Ingush in Gudermes (Chechen-Ingush Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic). Attended by about 100 people, 9 were in
jured, two of them — the winds. End the conflict was possible only with the local military garrison.
September 10 — Mass hassle at the station Magnal Karabalyk district Kustanai region (Kazakh SSR). About 50 soldiers in the club "Zagotzerno" in revenge for the beating of his own comrades organized a massacre of the Armenians who came to harvest. As a result, 1 Armenian killed 5 members scuffle injured.
September 20 — in Stalin (Donetsk) local "Shakhtar" played with "CSKA Moscow" (Moscow). Guests were 2:1, but in 6 minutes before the end of the spectators ran onto the lawn, the match was interrupted. Replay ended with the same score, but in favor of the miners. First match quite "erased" from the references, and only thanks to statisticians we know about his conduct.


March 6 — hassle at the Riga Polytechnic Institute (Latvian SSR) for an evening dedicated to March 8, between the Russian and Latvians.
June 23 — strikes at factories and offices due to the cancellation of Riga Midsummer day or output (old Latvian prazdnichek the summer solstice).
July 19 — because of the riots in Moscow arranged course of the match the fans unhappy owners, interrupted by a football match teams, "CSKA" and "Dynamo" (Kiev). The audience erupted on the field, none of the referees and players was injured, but their own pets endured at the hands of the fans.
July 31 — mess committed by demobilized sailors and mayhem Ingush families Sagadaevyh in Dzhetygara (Kazakh SSR), participated in events ranging from 500 to 1,000 people applied firearm. Family Sagadaevyh mercilessly killed in the assault of a sailor died at home, about 10 people were wounded. The house and the family's property burned, seized by police, open bullpen.


January 15 — mess in Krasnodar because of the rumors about the beating military police during arrest for violation of wearing form. In the event attended by 1,300 people, the mass of the building was surrounded by police department and even captured some time on building regional committee of the Communist Party. With great difficulty, the situation in the town was restored, used to disperse the crowd firearm, killed one person. 24 participants worry prosecuted. [1]
June 25 — "Bijskij mayhem," one of the great popular uprising in the history of the USSR. In Byisk (Altai Territory) at the city market has a conflict between people (500 people) and the police, grew into a hassle and mess, during which several people were killed. Unrest repaid only after 5 hours with the police and the military. According to some reports, by mass shooting. 13 people were tried, sentenced to three death penalty (replaced by the term), others — to long prison terms. [1]
June 30 — mass rallies in Murom (Vladimir region) local radio factory workers attacked the sobering-up station building in which he died NIGHT MODE their friend, who was arrested (and rumored to be beaten) by police, smashed flat City Police Department, released 48 prisoners, looted armory. By the end of the day or order in the town rebuilt. Convicted 13 people, three were sentenced to the death penalty. [1]
July 23-24 — a revolt in Alexandria (Vladimir region), in which about 1,500 people participated. Weight (in peak riot was about 500 people) tried to free two detainees intoxicated soldier, tried to attack the city department police building and burned it. Who arrived in the city of military units were used gun, 4 people were killed and over 10 injured ka. 19 people were convicted, sentenced to death 4. [1], [2]
September 15-16 — street mess in Beslan (North Ossetian ASSR) due to unsuccessful attempt police detain five people who were in a state of intoxication in a public place. Guards about armed resistance, the total number of rioters was 700 people. During the events of 1 man killed. 7 more active participants brought to justice.
October 1 — a football match in Tbilisi (Georgian SSR) between the local team "Dinamo" and "Spartacus" (Yerevan) is interrupted because of the unrest spectators appeared on the stands. On the field, flew sticks, bottles, but security forces managed to bring the players and refereeing under fire. After a few days at a meeting of the Presidium of the USSR Football Federation team "Dinamo" credited defeated, and "Spartacus" victory. [1]


May 31 — June 1 — strike on the floating plant "Chernyshevsky" busy crab fishing in the Sea of Okhotsk. All 70 workers refused to return to work, demanding wage increases. 3 people recognized zateyschikami, convicted.
June 1-3 — more recognizable episode of popular unrest in the history of the USSR: Action Novocherkassk (Rostov Region). [1]
The strike in the port of Odessa (Ukrainian SSR). The workers refused to load food, created to send to Cuba, arguing that Ukraine badly with the products.


June 16-17 — the massive mess in Krivoy Rog (Dnepropetrovsk region Ukrainian SSR). The police tried to detain intoxicated soldier, used force that has outraged people, the formation of a crowd of about 200 people. Trying to dispel it, the police used a gun, wounding several people. The next day at the police department has a weight, which reached 600 people, more active group broke into the building and put up a massacre there. Fatally injured 2 people, more than 20 were wounded and injured. The excitement stopped arriving fighter internal troops. [1]
November 7 — "Stalinist" revolt in the city of Sumgait (Azerbaijan SSR). During the demonstration, the police tried to take away people's "unauthorized" portraits of Stalin, which are carried in the columns of demonstrators. A serious clash — police and the people's militia on the one hand, about 100 protesters under portraits of Generalissimo — on the other. More than 800 residents have joined the demonstrators attacked the building city department police used a tool (1 person injured). Then 6 people convicted. [1]
December 18 — after the murder of a citizen of Ghana African students studying in the Soviet Union, arrange a mess on the Red Square in Moscow. [1]


April 16 — rebellion in Bronnitsi (Capital Region). In the city the bullpen from police beatings died in the local dweller. The assembled mass of about 300 people besieged the building of the bullpen, captured and defeated him. Then the court-martial were 8 participants in the events.
April 18 — mess in Stavropol: the mass of about 700 people tried to free 'unfairly' detained intoxicated bully. Pogromleno building of the police station, beaten and burned police patrol car. In the city introduced the soldiers patrols zateyschiki arrested.
September 29 — October 3 — mess in Khasavyurt (Dagestan ASSR). Chechen raped lady Lak nationality, her countrymen went for revenge. In the clashes involved up to 700 people. In the criminal charges brought against nine people.
The strike of shipyard workers in the city of Sevastopol.

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