Preparing for school

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"Today at school first class of an institution" — sung in the famous song. In any case, moms and dads, these institutions produce about the same thrill and excitement. Of course, any parent would like, that precious child has learned in a nice, prestigious school, and they put all this effort.

But, alas, too often school preparation is limited to the intellectual "coaching." Young talents from early childhood learning to read and count, operate a double-digit numbers, recite Pushkin and Lermontov. And in this case are not ready for school life! Oddly enough, but academic success — not the most important thing in the life of the first-grader.

Much more important is to form his motivation — that is, a willingness to learn, ability to concentrate, perform teacher assignments (which, we note, is not always fun). And school should be regular and consistent — this is exactly the case when it's better, slowly but surely, than from time to time, but the massive throws.

Sometimes it happens that an aspiring genius knows many of the constellations, especially photosynthesis and harmonic minor, but it can not answer, what was the name of his parents, the town in which he lives, towhat street, etc. Such seemingly primitive knowledge really is every bit as important. Ask, for example, a student of the future, what time of the year, and why he thinks so. Will he be able to describe a simple picture? Ask how you can call a word sofa, table, chair. Whether it can easily categorize, summarize and highlight the essential features in a variety of subjects? If this causes difficulties in the child, to help special game.

An important skill for the future first-graders — act exactly as instructed. For practice, you can play the robot. First, the robot performs the role of your child, and you give it the most accurate and detailed instructions, and then you change roles. Jobs can be very different — and "education" (eg, something to draw, write, count) and household (to set the table, pour the flowers), and just fun (proprygat ten times on one leg, crow under the table, etc.).

More one important moment — the development of fine motor skills. The benefits of this activity does not tire of repeating the speech therapists, teachers and psychologists. And not very much, what it is a way to select your child — if only it gave him pleasure. Perhaps it will be stringing beads, spillikins, embroidery on a special plastic frame-outline, collection of puzzles or shuffling of buckwheat. Little fingers must perform quite small and precise movements — this is important for beautiful handwriting and speech development.

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