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Scientists believe that the inner voices of the sixth sense, warning of the danger, they hear all the people. But few understand them

We continue to look for the answer to the ability of some people to see others through. And the last time (June 19), the expert psychologist coming congress Valery Sary Guzel shared his observations that "X-rays", as no other psychics are able to predict future events. Possess, in his opinion, some sixth sense, being particularly keen. Similar conclusions come scholars in the West. And experimenting, trying to figure out where the nest is a mysterious sixth sense.

Five senses are not enough

Biologist from Cambridge (England), Rupert Sheldrake has written about the sixth sense a book in 362 pages. Among other evidence led the masters of figure skating pair, who have repeatedly assured of its reality. They say that they feel as if telepathically with each other, which allows you to ride as "the one". Sheldrake sought before the secret instruction that during World War II prescribes British military pilots involved in aerial combat, to listen to the inner voice and respond to abrupt maneuvers to anticipate danger.

Rupert Sheldrake cites and animals. How, he asks, dogs and even cats for five — ten minutes a sixth sense about the owner and goes to the door to greet him? A pig who wants to slaughter, are beginning to rush about sty?

For the sixth sense corresponds to the "fifth point"

Decided to support a colleague and English professor, Doctor of Psychology from the University of British Columbia Ronald Rensink. First, he was convinced that a person can "skin feel" strange gaze. In two rooms, located 30 meters away from each other and connected to a television system, the scientist put the "beholder" and the subject — human "host" view. After the first TV camera, sitting in the same room could look at the second. As it turned out, from secretly abandoned gaze at the "receiving" changed the electrical resistance of the skin. What if this happened in your head? Rensink is not yet known, but is going to be determined by the imager.

But suddenly, the sixth sense is born not in the brain, and most other organs? Several years ago, in medicine the term 'brain matter. " So called nerve cells were similar in structure to those that are located in the head. They are found in the kidneys, liver, lung, testes, stomach and even in … rectum. What was four years ago, announced the German professor Wolfgang Prinz. In general, he christened his find "gastro-intestinal brain." And since then unsuccessfully tries to explain to his colleagues that he thinks — in his own way, as well as other organs, which found medulla.

— It is not excluded, — professor — that these are the "brains" and meet the people behind the sixth sense. Up until telepathy, clairvoyance and the ability to anticipate trouble.

This is just one of the hypotheses. But even that does not explain the absolutely amazing results from recent experiments Rensink. Scientists have discovered that some people are able to receive alarms from … future from themselves.

"Stop," I say myself

Ronald Rensink planted the test in front of a computer that randomly showed the photos — one being neutral, for example, tranquil landscapes, and others — threatening or unpleasant, for example, pictures of spiders and snakes. Pictures appear for three seconds, with pauses between them in eight seconds. During the experiments in humans, again measured the electrical resistance of the skin and pressure.

At first glance, the results were the rank and file, when there is an unpleasant image, the curves of the physiological state of jumping. But, if you look to these curves, the researchers saw that some subjects responded … two seconds before the pictures of snakes and spiders on the screen. That is, people suddenly became a mini-prophets and skin felt the approach of trouble. While it looks like a miracle. After all, more or less reasonable explanation of the phenomenon is not. And one can only wonder some definite predictions, which, apparently, can people with particularly keen sixth sense — very very mystical.


Dogs telepaths are saving children

Dr. Adam Kirton and his colleagues at the University of Calgary (Canada) argue that some dogs are able to anticipate the approach of epilepsy in their small home. Of such miracles testified to the families of 20 of the 45 patients. About 10 — 15 minutes before the attack dogs began to worry. Ran up to the child, licking his plaintive whine. In one family dog aggressively shoves the boy from the steep stairs, with which it could fall. In the other — fell on the child, pinning him to the floor. The attacks still advancing, but managed to avoid injuries caused by seizures.


Olga Kuchkina

June 25, 2004

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