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15.06.12.Usloviya content in the Russian colonies may soon be no worse than in developed countries. Federal Penitentiary Service has tested several types of e-services for prisoners and now wants to extend this experience.

In the colonies of Krasnoyarsk convicts can now form their own menu, and in the Sverdlovsk region — to purchase goods through the online store and to videoperegovory with visiting their relatives and friends.

Prisoners, "sitting" in the institutions GUFSIN Krasnoyarsk Territory were able to shape the menu of your choice with a terminal "Electronic ordering dishes", established in the cafeteria. With the terminal, you can choose your own breakfast, lunch and dinner. To do this, the customer must enter the code of personal affairs, the first letter of the last name and choose from a section "Main menu" or "alternative menu."

The range — soups, salads, main courses, pastries. In this case, convicted promise inserted in the other, they offer their favorite dishes. Reservation is made the day before, and on Thursday — once for three days, from Friday to Sunday. Anyone can use the device, even inexperienced in electronics snakes, because the unit contains tips. What is important — getting your order, convicted for anything further does not pay.

In the FPS in Krasnoyarsk region say that the idea assembled in foreign prisons and at first tried a new feature in the IR-17 Krasnoyarsk. The result is like and so far the service has been using for two thirds of the colonies in the region. In the near future e-menu appears in all the other colonies of the region.

Meanwhile, in a penal colony № 19 in the city of Sverdlovsk Region Tavda appeared online store for convicts. This enables the purchase tea, condensed milk, cigarettes, matches, envelopes, stamps and other products. Believe in the FSIN, the prices in the online store are reasonable, the quality is good, and the range is diverse.

And in the neighboring town of Qamishli Tavdem, the IR-52 recently appeared terminal for videoperegovorov convicted. Prior to this service "Videosvidanie" has to benefit those who are sitting in the other colonies area. The service was in demand. According to the calculations of the local Federal Penitentiary Service, from the beginning, "Videosvidaniem" used by more than 1.2 thousand prisoners. Leaders in the number videoperegovorov prison camps are located in Nizhny Tagil.

 Lina Panchenko

Source: MK

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