Pros and Cons of Hair Removal

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Epilation— Method of getting rid of the hair and, and on the hair follicles. Unfortunately, there is no method that guarantees complete freedom from unwanted hair for life. However, choosing the right kind of treatment and procedures, it is possible to achieve a good and lasting results.

On today nabiolee three common types of procedures: electro-, photo-and laser hair removal. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages.


Electrolysis is used much longer than other methods. The bottom line is that with the help of special needles inhair electrical charge is applied. He comes to the bulb, and it is destroyed.


This method can remove hair of any color and any structure of the skin color.


  • Current should be held in every hair, so the procedure takes a long time. If you want to treat, for example, the upper lip, which is not a lot of hair, the time will be too much. But for hair removal legs have to be patient: you may need more sessions. Because of this, the new hair will grow unevenly.
  • Current not only damages the hair bulb, but also their surrounding skin. Therefore, during the procedure, we have to use pain-relieving gels or creams. And then — to impose on the treated surface are drugs that relieve irritation and soothe the skin. Besides, at any damage of skin integrity increases the risk of infection. It is therefore very important to ensure that the master used disposable needles and work gloves.
  • The method requires a highly qualified specialist performing the procedure. After all, just need to get electricity "a needle" in each strand.

Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal has proven itself well in the last few years. Technology as follows: an area of skin with hairs directed laser beam. The beam has special properties that allow it to "zero in" on the target — melanin. This pigment found in dark hairs and provides them. Melanin absorbs the energy of the laser beam that reaches the bulb and destroys it.

The actual procedure is as follows. You don goggles, a physician prepares the skin for the procedure. Then, using the special attachment to the skin is directed laser beam. The impact is with short breaks in order not to overheat the skin.


  • The procedure is almost painless. The skin in the laser treatment is not damaged, so the risk of infection or scarring of a practically eliminated.
  • A laser device can be processed in one session large surface, for example the femur and tibia.


Since the main objective of the laser — the pigment melanin, which requires a good contrast of the skin and hair. After all, if the skin, and dark hair, the laser will work on all pigments immediately. Therefore ideal for laser hair removal — the dark hair on very light skin. The laser is not suitable for those who have hair lighter skin.


The method of hair removal is based on a combination of the light and heat to the hair. The target of the light beam itself is the hair follicle, to be exact — it sprout part. Hair removal session looks like this: first you don special goggles. The doctor treats the "target" area with a special conductive gel, and then he sends pulsed light on the skin. From the outside it looks like a bright flash.


  • The procedure is almost painless.
  • The method is suitable even for those who have skin and the hair is not much contrast. You can make photo-epilation swarthy ladies with dark hair.
  • The method removes and lanugo, and hard hairs of any color.


Not suitable for those who have hair lighter than the skin. So, if you have dark skin and hair — blond or gray, this method will not suit you.

When and how?

And now try to figure out how best to organize a course hair removal in each case. It should be understood that sometimes either type of hair removal can not give a good result.

  • If you come to a procedure with a "fresh" tan. It is better to wait at least two weeks after the beach or tanning, and only then go for hair removal session.
  • It can also happen that the hair growth is not due to the peculiarities of the organism, and any endocrine disorder. For example, often disturbing abundant growth of coarse hair on the face, abdomen or in the sternum in women. Special care should be those who have body hair suddenly become thicker, darker, changed their structure. In this case, you must first consult with a gynecologist-endocrinologist. By the way, these professionals often refer their patients for hair removal. After all, the conventional drug treatments can stop abnormal growth of hair follicles. And destroy what is already there, only with the help of hardware methods.
  • Another thing, if your unwanted hair — the result of national or individual characteristics or heredity. In this case, a properly selected type of hair removal will help you get rid of them.

Separately, it must be said about the cost of these procedures. The most accessible of these is electrolysis. Photo and laser techniques require expensive equipment, so there is no price for a session may be low.

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