Prospects for the spread of AIDS

Prospects for the spread of AIDS

"All of our efforts is no longer enough, the epidemic is out of control," — said Peter Piot, head of the "Anti-AIDS", established by the United Nations. According to the UN report, the world has 50 million people living with AIDS or infected with HIV. OnlyAfrica This year died of AIDS 2.3 million. But it's not all bad news. This sharp increase in the incidence occurred not because of Africa. In contrast, in some African regions, especially sub-Saharan Africa, have managed to stabilize the situation. But in other regions of the deadly disease fell on fertile ground and threatens to have a number of countries where before everything was more or less well — is, above all, China, Indonesia, the countries of Eastern Europe. Alas, Russia also got in this black list.

"AIDS is no longer a problem in Africa, the disease has become global," — said Piot. China, he said, with a half million people infected, is on the verge of an epidemic. As stated Monica Luder, a representative of the Union "Anti-AIDS", in order to overcome the disease, you need $ 10 billion annually, while the international community invests in the treatment and prevention of AIDS less than $ 5 billion is clear that with such a lack of financing to reverse the current trend is extremely difficult.

But AIDS today — it's not just the dead and living. As the representatives of the Committee to assist children at the United Nations, to date, inAfrica for 11 million children were orphaned after their parents died of AIDS, and in 2010 the number of orphans will rise to 20 million, "If it does not crash, then what?" — said Stephen Lewis, the UN special representative on the issue AIDS Africa. These data were presented in a special report by Unicef «Africa's Orphaned Generation," which is dedicated to the fight against AIDS, which takes place every year on December 1. According to Unicef, in countries such as Botswana, Lesotho and Swaziland, where today 30% of the population is infected with HIV, as soon as one in five children will lose a parent or orphaned at all.

More and more children are forced to drop out of school. They hit the streets, and even in the brothels. As shown by a special study conducted in Zambia last year, nearly three-quarters of those kids that make a living from prostitution — orphans.

In economically developed countries, the situation is certainly better thanAfrica. However, the cause for concern is more than enough. Alreadywhich times quite sharply raises the problem of insecurity dating online. However, as the researchers say, as long as it is relevant only for gays that are particularly actively looking for casual relationships with various chat rooms, dating services and other online services. On the other hand, the Internet can be a very active and used to promote safe sex, including among homosexuals, says Theodor Hanf, an expert of the American Association of Health Research. Their views on this matter, he presented the report at a recent international conference in Washington, DC "HIV through the Internet." Ultimately, the conference participants noted, it is hoped that the benefits and harms of the Internet will cancel each other.

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