Protects us, Pyramid

The capital of the Russian Federation — the only city on the planet, which is tightly protected by a missile defense system. It is called the A-135.

The cores it is radiolokatsonnaya station (RLS) "Don" 2H ", which is available in 30 kilometers north-east of Moscow, near the village of Sofrino. Similar to the Egyptian pyramid. A set of additional exploration targets for messages that are received from the system of missile warning, for their support and guidance for the purpose of interceptor missiles. It is clear that such objectives can not be the North Korean and Iranian missiles, and the most true — strategic, owned completely Tehran and Pyongyang.

Therefore, outside Moscow called "Pyramid" — firing. Specifically it, namely, the president closed the "black bag" which in which case it should unlock the button "start". Specifically, the "Don" and must give a start to several interceptor missiles with exotic names "Shoe" and "Gazelle", they were given in the West.

First anti-missile missile V-1000 intercepted and killed the attacking warhead ballistic missiles more March 4, 1961. Hit, as stated in the UN first secretary of the Central Committee of the CPSU, Nikita Khrushchev, "a fly in the eye." Americans did it in just 30 years. The speed of the missile was at 1000 m / sec. Other words three times the speed of sound. Today's missiles fly faster 10 times. And for them it's not the end.

By the way, even though this "interceptors", as is clear from the text that is already quite a few years of their own fighting properties they have not lost. Military quite often spend their tests at the Sary-Shagan in Kazakhstan. The last time in 2004. And there was no option to our "galoshes" and "Gazelle" did not get where you want. In exactly. New South American anti-missile missile, as many know, it worked for the near future, only 6 times out of eight.

In order for this "shot" missiles was clear, at each of the four faces of the giant Sofrinsky (its height above the ground of more than 30 meters — approximately ten-storied house, seven floors below ground) are placed around the array of antennas and tracking of targets missiles (Diameter 16 m) and square (10 x 10 m) antenna pointing missiles. The radius of the acts of these antennas — three thousand kilometers. Specifically, at this distance, "Don" can find a foe, soaring toward our capital.

For seven years, the impact of labor (from 1980 to 1987.) In the construction of Sofra "Pyramid" was vbuhali 32 thousand tons of metal, 50 tons of concrete, laid 12 tons of cable … A water and electricity, said experts at "Don-2N" spends every month for as long as is required for a solid regional scale such as the town of Kostroma.

By the way, the discharge of the world was not a bit of tension played a cruel joke with the defense of Moscow. In the days of romantic democracy when everyone thought that the missile threat to the capital is no longer possible, the A-135 was as if we do not really need. It did not provide funds. But common sense prevailed.

United States, this peaceful country, suddenly started rolling out radar stations in Latvia and Norway. Improve these radars in Greenland and England. Built launchers missiles Alaska, preparing to place them in Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic … So the A-135 will serve us still.

Facets of "Pyramid"

A-135 first began to develop the 70-ies of the last century. It contains a Sofrinsky radar. It is closed System warning, whose ground stations located along the boundaries of the former Soviet Union — in Olenegorske (Murmansk region)., Pechora (Komi Republic), in Gantsevichi (Belarus), shore (Mukachevo district of Ukraine) and Nikolaev (Sevastopol region. Ukraine) in Gabala (Mingechaur region of Azerbaijan), in Balkhash (Kazakhstan) and Mishelevke (Usole Siberian Irkutsk region). Comes in and System gallakticheskogo control space consists of 3 satellites.

In addition, A-135 contains 100 missiles. Those "galoshes" and "Gazelle", which are designed to intercept a missile attack in the trans-atmospheric space and in the Earth's atmosphere. They are located in the mines in eleven starting positions near the most "Pyramid". But within a radius of 150 km from the center of Moscow.

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