Public hearings in Lida suggested to be unlawful


Public hearings on the environmental impact of the future factory hot atsynkavannya occurred in Lida in a crowded room of the old house of culture shoemakers.

After the first performances of Academician Peter Vitsezya from Minsk, the future of the factory director, Alexei Bovfala people in the audience were worried because they do not sound statements about the future impact on the environment.

Academic Knight, for example, spoke about the economic feasibility of:

"We believe that for the area and for the city is bad, because it will not only increase the volume of gross output, but also solve many of the technical issues …".

The audience began to interrupt the speakers:

Mistress of the hall"You tell us about the permissible concentration of hydrochloric acid to the air … What are you telling us? …".

Even Academician Ivan Lishman, who is directly involved in environmental issues in his speech did not give any concrete data to enter into the examination to assess the impact on the environment.

"So, the first step may be some problems, because, of course, the company still Chemical Engineering, but once again you prove: intractable environmental problems with this company no."

Later it turned out that the expert report on the impact on the environment was signed just a day ago, and not only the audience, but the scientists did not have its content.

OUTDOOR this fact, the leader of the "Tell the Truth" Nyaklyayeu, who was present in the audience said that these hearings unlawful on the grounds that the government actually hide information from the people.

But local calls to the chairman of the District Executive Committee

"I have a simple human question: is it impossible to carry out this plant from human gardens. Widespread In the village of 30 houses, 10 of them are living with disabilities 2 groups in five — ankalegiya. Well, what they expect from this plant, it's No Chocolate Factory, a chemical company? "

Humanly Chairman of the Executive Committee of Leeds, Mr. Khudyk, asked those present simply by word of him to believe that the plant is safe.

Question from the audience

Question from the audience

After the hearing, I addressed the audience with a question — or have arranged their answers scientists and specialists of the authorities?

"Kategarchna displeased as to our specific questions did not hear any concrete answer."

"There was the usual talking shop, killing all that the people are tired and would rather go home …".

Mrs."I'm not happy with this hearing, because again we hang noodles on the ears. I felt that we are helpless and can not do anything, even cry …".

Nyaklyayeu answers questions


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