Purchases of Russian unmanned helicopter start in 2013

Purchases of Russian unmanned helicopter start in 2013

Russian law enforcement agencies will outsource reconnaissance unmanned helicopters «Horizon Air S-100» in 2013.

in the current negotiations are underway to supply UAV. «Creating a ready set of tested, but orders are still in the stage of formation of the budget next year.

Besides municipal structures financed from the state budget, the enthusiasm for UAVs «Horizon Air S-100» showed representatives of «Gazprom». Other commercial structures, according to the source, to show drone is not very great enthusiasm.

Each set «Horizon Air S-100» include two unmanned helicopter and ground (or ship) control point. UAV is Rostov company «Horizon» together with the Austrian Schiebel and is a licensed version of the unmanned helicopter Camcopter S-100. The helicopter can be used in all weather criteria at any time of the day, both on land and at sea. The device has a lifting force to 34 kilograms, the radius of 200 km acts and battery life up to 10 hours.

During the conversation with «Interfax» source in the military-industrial complex also told about the trials Russian drone «Watch-100» with automatic takeoff and landing. As explained by the spokesman, designers ZAO «Transas» fulfill universal automatic control system for the purpose of its introduction in unmanned promising developments.

testing of the main modes of the automatic system is planned to finish in the summer of 2012. During the second half of the year will be tests for arresting gear drone created to reduce braking distance when landing aids.

UAV «Watch-100» has the highest takeoff weight of 120-130 pounds and can raise loads weighing up to 25 kg. Autonomy flight apparatus achieves eight hours.

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