Putin forgot tsapanne Lukashenko?

In today's issue of "Kommersant" published interview Kremlin correspondent Andrei Kolesnikov Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin.

Among many other issues, the conclusion of the conversation has been affected and the Belarusian issue.

MerchantHistory of another president. It's obvious, is not placed on the person, maybe on President Lukashenko and bold cross, given the information, very strong, a campaign that turned against him.

Putin: I was not looking. But I was told.

Merchant"The Godfather 3", for example.

Putin: I have not.

Merchant: Is it? Then look. It's powerful film, a large part of the population, to put it mildly, by partiality now refers to Mr. Lukashenko, and in this sense, television is, as before, a powerful propaganda resource. In your opinion, after what Mr Lukashenko spoke personally about you, you hurt it in a human?

Putin: I honestly do not remember what he was talking about me! (Laughs.) I tried to somehow snatch, but I somehow it is not sharpened. My inner protest against him on this occasion arose. I do not even remember what he said.

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