Quarantine for rabies introduced on a farm in the Altai region

Quarantine for rabies introduced on a farm in the Altai region

According to RIA Novosti, the quarantine for rabies entered college on a farm "Biysk" in the Altai region, the disease is confirmed by laboratory animal studies, told RIA Novosti on Thursday, a representative of Department of Veterinary edge.

According to management, the focus of the disease recorded in the farm department № 2 of the educational institutions of vocational education "Agricultural College" Biysk "in the village of East Biysk district, about 150 kilometers from the capital region — Barnaul.

"Sickness" mad "is confirmed in several animal farm offices, research the rest of the cattle, are currently on a study in the management of animal health," — said the source.

According to him, on the farm now employs specialists of veterinary services, they carry out activities to eradicate rabies.

As noted by the agency, since 2011 in the region identified 27 points on the incidence of dysfunctional animals with rabies.

"I had an anti-epizootic and preventive measures to eradicate rabies in 17 of these restrictive measures taken," — he said.

Rabies — natural focal viral infection of animals and humans, occurring mainly among mammals of the family dog, and transmits them to the people as a rule by the bite and less by oslyuneniya. In humans, the disease is characterized by seizures, pharyngeal and respiratory muscles, which are subsequently replaced by paralysis leading to death.

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