Raise wages and pensions? So, soon the elections

A sign of the upcoming elections: the power raises wages and pensions. In August, 12 per cent improved cash assistance to the most massive voter category — pensioners. Then he announced a 10 percent increase in student scholarships. On September 1, an average of 9 percent salary increase "public sector" — teachers, doctors, cultural worker. In September, they will receive an additional 50 to 70 thousand rubles.

How much this increase will affect the mood of this setting? Today, this reasoning interlocutor our regional correspondents.

Gomel Oblast

Gain enough for half a sack of potatoes

Or significantly improved announced by the government supplements the material situation of the people? Tells about an employee of the public sector, Mr. Bragin Vladimir:

"Realistically, this is probably forty thousand. This is not essential — for a couple of days. Go to the store and that is not enough — except for a loaf of bread and a piece of sausage. We have, in Bragin, the highest rates in the country. Even on a sack of potatoes is not enough of this gain — only half a sack of potatoes. "

Young teachers who have 18 lessons a week, the government set the rate in the amount of 286 thousand rubles. Gain as much as 25 percent of this sum means that in reality, it grows by about 71 thousand rubles.

Appendix teachers with 10 years of experience with the 16-percent increase will amount to about 50 thousand rubles.

The teacher of a school in the Soviet district of Homel says this:

"Can you see this additive when everything becomes more expensive, in-store food and all that? Will start the heating season — utilities older. We see this additive? It would be better all stable — and would not need these supplements. "

Grodno region

"We have long been waiting for the election, because they know that will raise wages …"

The Grodno region, many representatives of public sector salary increase perceived as a sop to the presidential election. Financial problems do not solve these supplements.

The doctor of the district hospital with the experience and the highest category tells me that now, working at half rate with night shifts, can not earn more than one million two hundred thousand. However, professional attention to the fact that health is not very bad effect.

It is quite serious about what they have to work the elections have been waiting a long time, because people know that the political power necessary to at least a few percent, but the increase wages.

The truth, according to the doctor, principally financial situation, people do not change, especially among young professionals.

Mr."The young surgeon gets very little. They start somewhere with 400,000, well, at half rate though it will produce 700 or 800 000. But that's all he can earn. "

And the fact that milk, bread and other food, utilities are getting more expensive — propaganda is silent.

The teacher-scholar in the town said that her salary is just over $ 100, as the hours for all is not enough, she and her colleagues have only 8 hours. Young professionals are seeking, with her words, to run away from teaching.

Mrs."We here in the Russian language scholar went to work at customs. Two young English teacher went to work at customs because the pay is good. "

Even the school administration does not hide from the teachers of political matyvavanastsi salary increase.

Mrs."They told us that it is connected with the election for sure. But in January, after the election, things will go back to their seats from these wages would be nothing left. Although, from them, and now there is nothing left. If there is a 5% salary increase, promotion in our city does not subside, they say, millions will receive. And the fact that milk, bread and other food, utilities are getting more expensive — propaganda is silent because it is not interesting for them. "


Increased wages — rise and prices

Teachers Brest consider salary increase as the beginning of the election program of the head of state. And physicians are afraid of rising prices and pay for utilities.

A history teacher of a school in Brest Vladimir says that the team is actively discussing salary increase. However, the ambiguous attitude of teachers for this event is ambiguous:

"On the one hand, of course, we are satisfied that wages grew. But on the other — scary: that was not what the consequences of that. Among other things, if rising wages and rising prices in the shops. Yes, and mentioned last year that raised wages, but after a while they said, "Sorry, the crisis in the country." All allowances taken away. "

The first of November, the teacher says, again expected to increase salaries. This may adversely affect the state budget. Management should consider these points. But obviously, the teacher says that it is the head of the country's pre-election pitch:

"Teachers say that the increase is related to the future of the presidential campaign. There's even no doubt, and so everything is clear. But people do not particularly trust in such a populist move. Something that does not happen again with the economy of the country. "

Head of the village house of culture in Baranovichi district Oleg said he was satisfied with the salary increase. According to him, over the past months, this is not the first and not the last increase:

"I know that my income has increased by about 70 thousand rubles. About two months ago, too, there was an increase, also on 70000. I believe that the prices will go up because of this. I do not think it is related to the presidential election. It is rather the result of an increase in prices. "

The doctor Ivatsevichy District Hospital Tatiana happy wage increase. The hospital is also discussing increasing, scheduled for November. But at the same time, and doctors expect price increases:

"It always happens: at the beginning of earnings are growing, and then immediately rising prices in the shops, increase payment for utility services, in general, life becomes more expensive. In addition, it is clear that elections are not far off. Always, as far as I remember, before the elections and public sector wages and pensions are increased. "

Vitebsk Region

"It's just before the election campaign"

Increased salaries for teachers and other state employees has become a subject of discussion in Polotsk high school, where he teaches Belarusian poetess Lera Catfish:

"Just today, discussed it in the staff room. Teacher sitting with a calculator and calculate, who is 29 or 30 thousand more will receive. And they reasoned that a hole in the family budget that money can be plugged, such as many of the holes so much. Thank you for finally remembered us, but do not seem to perceive this as a real concern.

Teacher sitting with a calculator and calculate, who is 29 or 30 thousand more will receive. And they reasoned that a hole in the family budget that money can be plugged.

After all, with an increase in the salary we get in October, while prices for meat, milk, bread and other necessities for a family of products have risen in price right now, who would not say that there! '

Stanislav I., teacher in a school Orsha has over 30 years of service and the highest pro
fessional category:

"That's my bet — 430 rubles. We consider ten per cent — 43,000. So it's a penny! If a 50 per cent rise, or at least 25, then something else! And so — no great joy! '

Mr. Stanislav believes that raising wages caused by political reasons rather than concern for the Belarusian state employees:

"I think it's just an action before the election. We have also used the union has asked the Council of Ministers that the average salary of teachers or not the lowest. And as far as prices are rising and have risen over the years? That's all, so to speak, to bring down a bit and improve the people's dissatisfaction rating Lukashenko before the election, and that's all! '

Mrs. Tatiana working in the country club in the Beshenkovichi area. In her family grow three sons and mother 'cultural' salary less than 500,000. The promised increase of 10 percent Mrs commented as follows:

"The minuscule to improve to a decent wage, it is not necessary to increase once so! With the premium and all the wrapping, maybe about 500 now accumulates. If taking 500, it is 50 000. What is this? This utility does not even pay! My son was training for one month is 50,000. So it's only possible to pay for the training. Yes, let them give first, then we will see that there is increased! '

Expert Commentary

Leonid Zlotnikov

Independent economist Leonid Zlotnikov recalls that money to state planted in previous presidential campaigns. However, this year it occurs in other conditions:

"At this time, the economic situation in Belarus is the worst. There are new reasons for the rise in inflation. Before the money supply increased in the second quarter by about 20 percent, and the gross domestic product during this time increased by 3.5 percent. It promises rapid growth in prices — up to 20%. So it is not for nothing that worries state employees. "


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