Rat Race in NATO Russian border

Rat Race in NATO Russian border

The policy of double standards at all times was a hallmark of the North Atlantic Alliance. Outside friendly and often smiling NATO functionaries always knew how to organize everything so that it appeared that they one can All, and others — nothing. All have long grown accustomed to this unusual logic, but our homeland, for some reason, from time to time to allow himself a "peck" on the NATO bait.

The unusual thing is our home now, having a harsh military and economic potential, continue to listen to the views of the Western Governors about where we are advised, and which are not advised to carry out military tests. If you follow the directives of NATO, which is called at all, and finally, our armored units did not have to stand west of the Urals, the nuclear weapon should be, if not cut up on iron ingots, then laid up in the mines, and strategic bombers, they say, should pokromsat to shreds.

With all this intense NATO commanders are developing projects as referred to agreements under which requirements apply only to the Russian side. Even summits in the framework of the "Russia-NATO" — is less than zhurenie military plans of the Russian Federation on the part of Western countries. It is necessary to carry out the teachings of the Russian Federation at least some level of mass and either try a new tool on its own, note areas, like the heads of NATO begins a real tantrum. Say, "Russian bear" was awakened again and now threatens the world. These words, which now and then heard from the lips of high-ranking officials in the Alliance of favorite media one can Western society is so intimidating that those teeth chattering get finished. That created the stereotype of the Russian military aggression that can reincarnate the whole world into a testing ground for Russian nuclear weapons tests. Such hysteria against our country lasts from the time of the "cold war".

At the same time, NATO troops are the most active exercise almost all over the world, including in the areas of countries in a particular proximity to the Russian border. So for the whole of 2011 with the oppression of the military doctrine of resistance army of some "fictional" countries were on the terrain of the Baltic countries. One can provide for themselves, who had in mind the organizers of the exercise under the guise of such country. Certainly not North Korea or Afghanistan, to which Latvia and Estonia from several thousand kilometers.

NATO exercises are not limited to the land to do this. And in the Baltic Sea have been carried out several operations to neutralize the fleet again, "invented" the enemy. Well, there's the danger of Afghanistan, with its restoration of government "Taliban" is no longer at all, due to lack of a fleet like this.

And then went and exercises, according to the scenario which NATO troops seized a large train units of the enemy. Again one can imagine that to get from Riga or Tallinn NATO troops will or to Moscow or St. Petersburg. To tell the truth, do not they will roll on the trains to Iran or Syria.

In general, anti-Russian component in the training of NATO forces in more than yavna. In such a situation, the Baltic States are the springboard for some may be a blow to our state.

In today's criteria, when the world is facing a real danger of severe, NATO adventures look a phantasmagoria. While Latvia and Lithuania themselves hardly make ends meet, trying to find ways out of difficult economic situation, there is a desire among them still hurts to prick Russia. Brussels itself is ready to request economic assistance from Moscow, but the dwarf post-Soviet countries simply can not live, knowing that there is a close government as our homeland.

The exciting thing is that Europe truly is dependent on Russian energoelementov and replaced in order to maintain a constructive dialogue that continues to wage war on the "virtual" states, invented the commanders of the armies which are suspicious of Russia's last name. What else to say here, if one of the functionaries of the NATO developed the plan, according to whom the grouping of NATO forces had to kill a tank division of General Zavanova (well, the Russian names in the West have always been able to come up with some ridiculous) — well at least not Ivanova. Apparently, the Baltic states also thoroughly forgotten Russian surnames.

In such a situation it is necessary to respond fairly quiet on this mouse NATO's fussing about our borders. In the end, you can not fully paying any attention to anybody, to conduct exercises in the area, such as Venezuela. Or even in the same region of Kaliningrad. One can also for myself to come up with some generals Peters or Adamaytisa, which should tie and bring the military tribunal. One can even arrange a ride on military boats on Lake Peipsi and Estonians say that their is not focused — just say, we wish to check whether we repel the Taliban … In general, you need to play around in the same game: smile and do abomination immediately. Well, if you did not want to accept us as a country that is far from being able to attack all there Latvia and Estonia.

Naturally, the Baltic states fear a repetition of the Georgian-Russian war in 2008 already on their terrain. But you have to think that the management of Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia, far from the insanity sovereign Saakashvili. If it is natural and will want to return some constitutional system, killing the Russian military, the answer from the Russian Federation will not force myself to expect. But the fact Baits and phlegmatic, not to allow themselves to huge gambles.

And about the NATO exercises — but for God's sake spend, and let us act may be because we want to, and not as we will give orders from the Pentagon. Eventually, one can will close the valve, so to speak, as a preventive maintenance.

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