From Jerusalem to the urban village of Bethany, where Lazarus lives of sisters, three kilometers at most. Jesus often goes to visit them; Lazarev one sister, Mary, every time sits at the feet of Jesus and listen to him, as if hypnotized, and the other, Martha is busy at the stove, is the guest entertainment and so tired that somehow decided to complain to Jesus Masha on the lazy — and receives in return a strict observation about his mituslivastsi. And somehow Lazarus became seriously ill. Everyone knows that Jesus, who now wanders Affairs around the capital, is able to help the patient. Jesus gave the sad news to convey hope — not only as a friend, but as a doctor.

But Jesus did not hurry. It's his show, he's here and screenwriter, and director, and also performs a major role. He knows how to shock the audience knows how to intrigue her, "This sickness is not unto death," he says, Jesus is able to pause, he knows exactly when the gun should shoot — with the greatest effect. Jesus did not hurry, he affairs. Already knowing about the illness of Lazarus, he remained for two days, where it caught the news, and only then, as if involuntarily, sits on his ass and slowly coming to Bethany.

The journey takes two days. When it comes to Bethany, Lazarus has been dead four days. In keeping with his temperament, Martha runs and wails, in her words, to hear the rebuke Jesus, and Mary is crying.

Where have you buried him …

Mary Jesus says nothing, and Martha, which it clearly annoyed throws, "Did I not tell you — you would believe you would see the glory of God? Where are you buried him …" He commands to move the stone at the entrance to the cave, which is Lazarus died. Jesus sees what others do not see the audience of the critical care performance — namely, the silent, bald man in a dark box, which, in fact, has financed all of this action. Jesus spoke to him a short speech and then says Lazarus, that he rose and went out. Jesus lacks a few words, he is fluent in his quiet voice and intonation only achieves the effect, from which all the throws in a cold sweat. Lazarus is entwined with strips of linen, it is also not in a hurry, in fact, there runs one Martha, it is a false report of a miracle, which finally comes to the Pharisees silent man leaves a dark box.

Henrik Semiradki. Christ in the House of Martha and Mary

Do not hurry and another famous rescuer, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. He was prepared for his cute, but already bored honorable hero, a beautiful death — in neutral Switzerland, at the bottom of the waterfall Rayhenbahskaga in deadly embrace with the most dangerous criminals in Britain. They say that Sir Arthur did not understand why everyone thinks it's only as absolutely frivolous "Notes of Sherlock Golmsa" and no one wants to read his beautiful thick novels. Allegedly because Golmsu and was declared a death sentence, which the author urgently fulfilled — hands of Professor Moriarty, the man ("You have not developed frontal bone, as I expected," says Professor Golmsu somehow — a phrase that comes to mind whenever when you leaf through the opus of the Belarusian literary critics). But it seems that it was all a little different.

Vera was huge.

Burying Golmsa, Conan Doyle deliberately closed the house and waited for the stack perturbed readers' letters demanding the immediate return of Golmsa not barred his way out of the office. Faith in Golmsa was huge, Conan Doyle received an envelope addressed directly to Baker Street 221b, and that just was not there in those envelopes — and requests for assistance, and the stories, and the cries of despair, and death threats against the author, who killed such a person … And only when the correspondence was not to do with the writer pushed her like a stone lying in front of the entrance to the cave of Lazarus, came out of his own house and brought the manuscript to publishers of a new story …. Golms survived, he just disappeared on the ledge of the cliff, he traveled through Asia and treating raked friend Professor finger in order to return to London to continue to catch criminals. Between the output of the "Last Golmsa affairs" and "Empty House" took four months. We can assume that all this time Doctor Watson lived as Martha and Mary without Lazarus, that he blamed the police themselves and the world, then rushed into the mystical faith, hoping for a miraculous resurrection of the other. In the silent man has many names and many aliases, Conan Doyle could be one of them, why not.

Bright, cheerful life-arrhythmic Japanese Arytyma Erytyka, an author crime stories ended when his friend Yasunari Kawabata committed suicide by gas poisoning. Arytyma Erytyka, who wrote eight pages per month, and even coached a baseball team, suffered from insomnia and had so big problems with mental health. He lived without the other month, and then did the same thing and Kawabata. Did poorly. By the way, the act Erytyki was not so heretical from the point of view of the eastern religions, where death is not considered a disaster, and vice versa — brings a person closer to holiness, so suicide is encouraged, however, provided that you have time to do the necessary in this life and ready to go the next rebirth. Not like in Christianity, where suicide — an absolute sin, for there is an attack on the "temple of God".

Three heroes who returned life, which re-animated. What happened to them all then? Lazarus lived for thirty years — after his miraculous recovery, he went to neblizky world in Marseille, with Martha and Mary, and became the first bishop there. The design of the "temple of God" knowingly provided an excellent ability to move around so far.

Forgotten how to speak, read, write.

Sure, Lazarus moved, but faith, and even gratitude, to go after such arrest in Herod's pig or he just did not have the moral right. And so he died there, among the Gentiles, although he is unlikely to want such a fate. Probably just his thirty years have been someone else needed. Surprisingly, however, according to the Moscow Patriarchate, Lazarus went all the same to Cyprus — a favorite vacation spot istsinnaruskih and Orthodox.

Esquire Golms is known to make out after the return of more than a dozen cases. Then he settled in Sussex and rejoicing success, and his Watson, engaged pcholagadovlyay. However, the last case Golmsa give it more policy than that of the noble pure philosophy and logic, as it was before — before Reichenbach …

Arytyma Erytyka doctors saved. He lived for eight years. After, as he was returned to this world, many months he was in the hospital, had forgotten how to speak, read, write, became disabled. It's been eight years of his life (who knows what is to put a punctuation mark)

Surgical Anatomy by Joseph Maclise

The other two stories inferior to the first in splendor, but in fact they are all the same. The presence in all three cases, the demiurge — God, the author, a doctor — should have alerted the poor superstitious soul. The man — a fatalist, he believes in the inevitability of fate — and it turns out that the inevitability — fiction, more complex, and the fate — this is not what it seemed to us, and to submit to it, no one will. And then begins to chase the feeling that fate is written in two offices at the same time, and who knows whose clerk quickly clicks the keys — but because it makes no sense to be a fatalist.

e Romans believed that the fate of the human spun special goddess, parks (or the Fates, in Greek). Two spin, and the third, Mort, cut the thread … Any successful attempt to revive a living organism transforms powerful, the Almighty, and whimsical in such parks itself disenfranchised women weavers of Bangladesh — or Slutsk. They would be happy to weave their own way, but the likelihood of resuscitation causes them to weave a strange country, "Persian" way.

Tangled threads parks provide some hope. And the other — the means of subsistence. It is known that a person who believes the neighbors at the same time, dad, grandma, a psychic and the President to expect the second coming of as much

Tangled threads parks.

as the thirteenth salary willingly go after any rogues. Especially if the crooks promises hope. Russian Hrabovo pro Christ, for example, knows exactly how much the operation cost Jesus in Bethany. For the same, and not a cent more, an amount he once invited parents died in the terrorist attack in Beslan spice up their children — 39 000 500 Russian rubles. Arrested for fraud, he apparently felt out of place — among the Pharisees, and muttered under his breath Pasternak …

At one time he had to answer a stupid question, Which of the deceased should relieve you, if I had that opportunity? No one had the answer, no. Why call them back from heaven. And whose Buddhist or Hindu such a question would have caused, if not anger, the total bewilderment: why do so by sadistically torturing those lucky ones who have passed through the wheel of samsara and the long reach of the Great Void.

The man somehow thinks he knows the maximum amount of time that it is released. And the, the legal (as it seems), he is not going to give away. It's always annoying to receive less than the others, so people came up with the saying "premature death", although no early death is not,

No premature death.

unlike premature life when no one is born in its time, not in his era and then feel uncomfortable and there is coughing hysterically in her dark corridors of others. Resuscitation attempts to justify the concept of zavchasnastsi, resuscitation pulls his legs to finish the already dead — on a plan — a runner. And bewildered Parks spun faster and faster, and Mort does not have time redividing thread …

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