Record rainfall in a century was recorded in Beijing

Record rainfall fell in Beijing on June 23. This happens once in a century, say the local meteorological services. As a result of the storm tore two transmission lines, and two people drowned in the drain.

Storm began at about 16.00 local time and the Beijing Meteorological Service warned of a stormy situation 10 minutes later. And 40 minutes later, followed by natural disaster warning and possible landslides in the mountains north of the city.

Wang Yi, director of city services to control floods, in an interview with Beijing Times reported that this is the great rain of the season. Rainfall in Beijing reached up to 5 inches (about 13 cm) per hour, so this storm was classified as such, which happens once in a century.

Because of heavy rain closed some metro stations on the first line and the line Yichzhuan. Paralyzed traffic on the bridges Fusinmen, Sichzhimen and 37 roads. The central airport also was blocked air traffic, 200 flights suspended.

Two men electric shock due to rupture of transmission lines, one of them died, according to Beijing Times. Two guys push the car fell into an open drain hole and still have not found.

The Epoch Times

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