Record snowfall in Anchorage

April 8. In the city of Anchorage, Alaska in one day was broken record snowfall for the winter season. Previous record was set in 1954 1955gg and he is 335 centimeters.

In the same year, a record snow fell even during the Easter weekend, and at the moment for a top record five centimeters short of precipitation, snow began to fall on Friday morning, and all day there were 2 additional inches of precipitation, a couple of centimeters fell for Friday night and During the day on Saturday.

In general, the 2011 long awaited snow precipitation began to fall on October 30. No one expected that this winter will be as snowy, but each month from November to February snowfall was above normal. In November, there was one during which snow fell eighty-one inch of snow is higher than the norm around three times.

In March, the rate fell slightly in the month fell slightly below normal, and, as I said, at the moment a couple inches short of rainfall for this year was the most snow in the history of the city.

Source: Rage Of Nature


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