Red Sea rages unknown virus

In the popular resort area of Egypt, on the Red Sea, an unknown virus is rampant. According to the local edition of "Al-Ahram", victims of a mysterious illness began to have three children: one was five months, two years and three third — 11 years.

Sick children in the resort town of El Gouna, which is located near popular among Russian tourists in Hurghada. In the hospital of the city, and put them on treatment on Sunday, May 15. Doctors tried to save their lives, but to no avail. According to unconfirmed reports, the three died within days of hospitalization.

Doctors are at a loss, the Egyptian Ministry of Health formed a special committee of epidemiologists. One thing is for sure — it is not swine flu, the official representative of the Ministry Osama Abdel Azym. Appropriate expertise was urgently carried out, because the symptoms of the disease resemble symptoms of the virus H1N1.

Specialists are currently awaiting the results of a series of tests that should shed some light on what is happening. Personnel of all health facilities in Hurghada is in full readiness. Such a measure is practiced, if relevant agencies expect receipt of a large number of infected patients in the next few days.

The current situation "Ytru" said the spokesperson Rostourism Oleg Moseyev, "I'm just am in Hurghada with the working group — we had a meeting with the acting head of the Federal Tourism Agency Governor of the Red Sea. I can say about it ( situation with the virus — Ed.) among Russian tourists have no reason to worry. Typically, they all live in a normal hotel, where they paid maximum attention "

"In talking with the governor one of the questions was the most careful attention to the Russians and, above all, with respect to their security of any kind, including, of course, related to the risk of infectious diseases," — said the press secretary of the Federal Tourism Agency.

"This could be the reason, I mean the death of these children — perhaps related to sanitation — suggested Moseyev — but for our tourists and people are no problems here." He added that El Gouna — a rather popular tourist resort, but it is not cheap. "They even call this" hurgadskoy Rublevka ", where the rest of the elite tourists already offer higher prices here, a lot of houses and of course, class hotels" luxury ", — he said." There is no reason to not like to panic, but to fear not, "- concluded Moseyev.

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