Report MMZ Vanguard producer missiles for the S-300 and S-400

In the annual report of JSC "Moscow Machine-Building Plant" Vanguard "for 2011 and 2012 contained a lot of unusually detailed information on the activities of the enterprise.

As you know, of "MMZ" Vanguard ", a member of the JSC" Concern PVO "Almaz-Antey", is now the only manufacturer of anti-aircraft missiles for the S-300 and S-400. Plant delivers missiles for the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation in accordance with the volume of the state defense order, and for export.

From the reports of "MMZ" Vanguard "for 2011 and 2012 you can find a complete list of companies performing contracts for the supply of missiles for the Ministry of Defense, and for export. Also from the report for 2012 can be, for example, gather information that the delivery of the first batch of missiles 48N6E2 for S-300PMU2 for Syria was scheduled for May 2013, and the delivery of the second batch of missiles to Syria postponed to June 2014.


A report of "MMZ" Vanguard "for the year 2012 reported that the main purpose of the enterprise profile and are determined primarily by the issuance of serial modifications 48N6 products, whose share in the total production of 99.3%;

production capacity of the plant in conjunction with the ongoing reconstruction of the units will provide an increase in production output 48N6 and their modifications total to 600 units.

JSC "MMW" Vanguard "is also completing the development of series production 40N6 with the timing and volume of deliveries of finished products planned in the state defense order for the period 2012 — 2013 and beyond.

Besides manufacturing company conducts missile warranty inspection, maintenance and repair of missiles in service both domestically and abroad, providing the extension of their operation. The company is kalkoderzhatelem design documentation for the modification of the basic manufactured products, provides accounting, the adjustment of the existing documentation on the enterprises for cooperation.

Own development Bureau of Plant target missile "Tit", "Kite" and "Snipe", produced by the plant are used air defense forces during training and live firing.

The priority areas of scientific and technological activities of "MMZ" Vanguard "during this period were:

— development of production, carrying out engineering and design of processing and making available to the mass production of products 40N6;

— implementation part of the research work (MF NCI) to study the possibility of disposing of 5V55 various modifications (in the framework of the Federal Target Program "Industrial disposal of weapons and military equipment");

— carrying out practical work within the framework of research on the disposal of products 5V55 various modifications and other plant previously manufactured products and their component parts (in the framework of the Federal Target Program "Industrial disposal of weapons and military equipment");

— for R &D together with "Granite" in the development and creation of automated test equipment for the power-supply products 48N6, 40N6;

— execution of works on the organization's own foundry (stringers base, cut 2A, 2B, and cut 4);

— participation in the work on modernization and translation into modern domestic element base units onboard equipment products such as 48N6;

— participation in R &D "Flamingo";

— participate in the integration of new manufacturing units in the list of suppliers on-board equipment for acquisition of products such as 48N6;

— part in the work on the extension of the service life of products 5V55, 48N6;

— Works on the replacement of outdated instrumentation to modern;

— development of baseline data for the development of technical and economic proposals for the creation of items and repair products 48N6E 48N6E2 at the customer.

Future tasks of scientific and technical development of "MMZ" Vanguard "are:

— development of production, carrying out engineering and design of processing and providing mass production products 40N6;

— Works on the extension of service 5YA23 products for use as target missiles.

The main areas of production activities of the Company in 2012 were:

— serial production of 48N6 and its modifications (P-01, DM, E, E2);

— improvement of manufacturing processes aimed at improving productivity, reducing material and energy costs, improving product quality;

— putting into production of the product 40N6.

Military-technical cooperation

In 2012 JSC "MMW" VANGUARD "fulfilled all contractual obligations of" ICD "Torch" for the production of goods for foreign customers and 48N6E 48N6E2 of the provision, and with good quality. CTG and the CBD in 2011 — 2012 years to meet the technical conditions.

In general, the MTC contracts in 2012 were produced 104 articles and 48N6E 48N6E2 the amount of 121,732,054 rubles.

With the increase in the State defense order in 2012 — 2015 years, more than 2 times, reduced orders for military technical cooperation will not affect the financial and economic situation of the company.

Planned delivery 48N6E2 a year

2013 — 99

2014 — 75

2015 —

Justification: The agreement on 28.11.2011 19/k01-760 number [for supply to Syria], the Treaty of 31.01.2013, the number 19/k01-012-5 [for delivery in Algeria], the letter of "ICD" Torch "dated 03.04.2013, the ref. № 96/3-42 on the postponement of the second supply contract number 19/k01-760 for June 2014

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