Report: splash of gas and oil production in the U.S. has increased the number of earthquakes in six times

Splash of gas and oil in the United States led to a significant increase in the number of earthquakes in Central America, the newspaper The Guardian with reference to the U.S. Geological Survey study.Scientists said that the earthquake was not directly caused by hydraulic fracturing, which is one of the methods of work intensification of oil and gas wells. Method is to create fractures in the target formation to ensure the influx of crude oil or natural gas. Technology involves injection of chemical liquids into the well to keep the crack open."We found no evidence that fracturing associated with any of the three earthquakes with a magnitude that we studied," — said one of the seismologists. However, he reported on several occasions that the water from the wells to the chemicals used for hydraulic fracturing, caused seismic activity.The study showed that in ten years the number of earthquakes has increased six-fold in the central region of the country, including in Arkansas, Colorado, Oklahoma, New Mexico and Texas. Earthquakes were minor, little more than a magnitude of 3.Over the last three years at the time of the sharp increase in natural gas had the largest number of earthquakes. In 2009, there were 50 earthquakes in 2010 — 87, and last year — is 134.

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