Research in Saratov created mobile unit for the destruction of pesticides

 "Scientific-Research Institute of Technology, Organic, Inorganic Chemistry and Biotechnology" (NIITONHiBT, Saratov) to operate a mobile plasma-chemical plant for destruction of pesticides and chemicals, said the Ministry of Industry and Energy of the Saratov region.

Currently in storage and underground deposits have accumulated a significant amount of unused pesticides, further use is prohibited. These compounds are mostly highly toxic substances and must be destroyed.

Work to create the installation carried out within the framework of the federal target program "National System of chemical and biological security of the Russian Federation (2009-2013)."

"At present, the industrial area are debugging to create a design and technology. Installation is designed for the destruction of hazardous substances and is a better alternative to storing waste, because it does not preclude the storage leak into soil and water, respectively — pollution" — are reported words of the Minister of Industry and energy of Sergei Lisovsky, who on Wednesday visited the construction site Institute, which is now in the test mode, the plant operator.

The report also says that the government of Saratov region came to petition the Ministry of Industry of the Russian Federation to begin mass production of the equipment, which will address a number of environmental issues in the Saratov region and other regions. Assessment Lisowski, this setting will be used in 50 regions.

Mobile plasma-chemical plant for destruction of toxic chemicals and pesticides is a complex cell capacity of 100 pounds per hour of solid form of pesticide. Its main advantage — the ability to thermal waste, post-combustion flue gases and the destruction of organic compounds, high-temperature plasma. As a result of this process, and the use of aggregate devices flue gas cleaning system, the concentration of pollutants in the exhaust gases is reduced to values not exceeding the limit established in Russia and abroad.

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