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The history of rhinoplasty has more than 3000 years. In ancient times it was practiced peoples of India, Persia and Arabia. The beginning of modern rhinoplasty is dated from 1887, when the U.S. Surgeon J. Rock (J.Roc) published material on the plastic bulb bar tip of the nose.

Problem. Aquiline nose, the nose, "potato", a deformed nose, the nose who does not like

What to do. Rhinoplasty.

Operation. Before the surgery, you can try to see their future in advance nose. To do this, many clinics offer to computer modeling and using the latest advances in computers draw on your old face of the desired nose. You can see firsthand if you fit this nose or better to try to fashion something else. Moreover, some clinics even offer to take a picture with your nose to the future home to show the family and friends — so to speak, get used to it in advance. This significantly reduces the risk that a new nose you do not like it. However, please note: a beautiful picture on the monitor does not mean beautiful nose on your face. In reality, do nose you will not a computer, and the surgeon, and it was from his skill and taste it all depends.

In some cases — for example, a person with a very snub-nosed demands that he made perfectly smooth "Greek" nose— Doctors are forced to abandon the operation and explain to the patient that his own nose can not be altered so drastically.

Rhinoplasty visitor: cartilage (when not touch bone), bone (the bone when touched) or bone-cartilage.

Spend a rhinoplasty two methods: open (incision under the nose) and closed (all manipulations carried out within the nasal cavity). The method depends on what you have had a "native" nose nose and what you want to achieve. Any of the operations takes 1-2 hours under general anesthesia — general or local. The last — for people with very healthy psyche, or those who can not tolerate general anesthesia. The rest of it is better to resort to general anesthesia. Then on the nose impose special plaster splints of a butterfly.

Contraindications. Rhinoplasty is done only after 18 years, when a person stops growing.

Possible complications. Deformation of the new nose (for example, it turned out not as smooth as we would like). In this case, make a second operation. Another may form coarse internal scars that hinder breathing. Their occurrence depends on the individual. Scars clean operating means. In addition, there may be purely psychological problem when people can not "get used to" with its new nose and asks him to return to the place of the old one. Well, the doctors returned.

The recovery period. 1-2 days will have to breathe through the mouth, as in the nose tampons are. After 5-10 days, remove the splints, and apparently you're quite ready to get out on the people and their (people) do not scare. However, subjectively you long to feel the effects from surgery: internal swelling goes away completely only after 2-3 months.

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