Riddle dolmen Mara


Tangible evidence of our ancestors stay in the Caucasus in ancient times are the dolmens. Weight dolmens reaches more than 70 tons were manufactured, they are usually made of sandstone, having a large quartz inclusions. Scientists determine the age of dolmens 4-6 millennia.

In the middle of the twentieth century, a group of archeologists led by LI Lavrov, he began studying the dolmens. By 1960, they wrote a catalog of 1,139 dolmens of the North Caucasus. In the second half of the twentieth century, a lot of work done to systematize the dolmens team led by VI Morkovina, disciple and follower of LI Lavrov. Morkovin added the catalog card dolmens to 2,308 units.

Today, there are several hypotheses, one of them offered Sochi scientist VM Kondryakovym, who devoted many years of study and systematization of dolmens. He imposed the layout of the dolmens on the geological map of the area, and it turned out that all the dolmens are located above the fault line of the crust. But it is precisely on these lines there and accumulated enormous power tensions. It is, in fact, the anomalous zones with different streams of energy emissions.

These places and people today want. Some of these zones are referred to as power source location. Located near some dolmens, they feel a surge of strength, peace, harmony with the environment, the desire to work. Others have dolmens we can feel the devastation weakness.

Our ancestors used the properties of the various energy dolmens. For example, to cleanse the body, to recuperate, to treat wounded soldiers. And even with my mother to take care of the Earth. If you had to leave my body forever, they were part of a dolmen, and being in it, drinking only water, which they passed on relatives through a hole in the wall. According to legend, our ancestors left in the higher worlds, causing the inner fire. Then the self-ignition occurred (in many dolmens actually found the charred remains of human bones).

Dolmen, according to legend, could also be used to communicate with the ancestors and gods, when the soul goes to a temporary stay. Close to many dolmens were springs with mineral water, which gave an additional energy supply to our ancestors. That people were not wrong in the destination dolmen priests tagged them with runes.

To date, due to crustal movements, the movements of magma, etc. (still passed Goals) anomalous zones have shifted the energy output and do not coincide with the location of the dolmens. But there are exceptions. Near the city of Krasnodar in the village Shapsugskaya are still two active dolmen. According to local residents, one of them is "good" and being close to him, people feel elated and the other "evil" — the people around him feel the devastation and weakness.

Looking closer to the dolmen closely, you can see poluistertuyu inscription, written in runes. Comprising the message of the last of the eight runes. Beginning there are two large, then two small runes one above the other, then again two large and two small runes, one above the other (drawing short text given in the figure).

From the inscriptions deciphered can conclude that the dolmen goddess Mara exudes positive energy that can link a person to the gods and ancestors. It also helps to link the fate of one man with the fate of the other, if you hold a wedding ceremony engagement.

But does the current state of the inscription dolmen? How to test it? It is very simple, it is necessary to observe the plants around the dolmen, and mother nature will tell us everything. Near the dolmen is growing a couple of strange trees that literally hug each other. Trunk of one spiral twisted around another. Hence it can be concluded that at this point is the energy of the vortex emission and wood repeats the direction of rotation of this energy. The trunk is twisted posolon (the sun) and it means that the radiation is positive.

The locals on the basis of their observations call this symbiosis "tree of love" and it talks about the positive direction of the dolmen and its working condition. Many people who have visited here to keep in touch with each other and a place of power is left on the trees colorful ribbons.

Near the dolmens are two portal of communication. If you go down, then we will fall into the zone of crustal faults, a source with hydrogen sulfide (dead water). Near the source of hydrogen sulfide is a stone formation, now called Stone finger, or the Devil's finger (as it was called during the persecution of the pre-Christian faith).

But it would be more correct to call the finger of god Veles, as the fault is always symbolizes the border between worlds, and is on the border of the worlds Velez. "Veles after the death of us can not be avoided," — said our ancestors. The people of the shaft coming down to this boulder so far and make a wish to get rid of bad habits, or to purchase any positive qualities. And, they say, in many cases helps. It is only necessary to climb to the top of the stone and mentally pronounce wish addressed to the Veles, and then go down and sit in silence for ten minutes near the finger, thinking of conceiving.

From finger Velez had to rise up to the rock formation that is configured on the perception and the connection strength of the three worlds that existed in the opinion of our ancestors (Reveal to the world, and the world, Navi World Government). After lying on the stone bed and standing near the cylindrical and conical holes, you quite possibly will find the breadth of perception of different energies of heaven.

Which of the heavenly courts (constellations) helped the ancestors of the Milky Way in the village of contact dolmen Shapsugskaya? The answer is given cover dolmen, which depicts the portion of the sky with the constellation Orion and the other nearby stars (according to legend, the birth of the Kuban Cossacks and others arrived on Earth from this particular constellation).

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